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So says Axel Alonso:

Kiel Phegley: Axel, in an all-out fan week of questions, I thought we'd start big with some event talk. T.M. Anthony was wondering: "Are you planning on letting these new Marvel NOW! titles carry narrative momentum for the MU in place of using line wide crossovers? (Like Fear Itself and AvX?) Or should we get used to the idea of an annual line wide crossover? It seems like, despite their financial success, readers are getting event fatigue, especially over hero vs hero affairs."
Axel Alonso:"Despite their financial success." Those're key words, T.M. If readers were truly "fatigued" by big events -- as a lot of people on this forum continually assert -- wouldn't sales plummet when publishers deploy them? Wouldn't that be the inevitable outcome? Doesn't reader disinterest lead to low sales or cancellation?
Look, Marvel -- and our distinguished competition -- do events because (a) They remind readers of the interconnectedness of our titles, and (b) Tll evidence points to the fact that enough of you guys -- the fans that plop down your hard-earned money at the comic stores every Wednesday -- desire them. Does that mean we don't care about the stories told in individual titles? Absolutely not. For that reason, our policy in regard to big events is that creators decide if their book ties in or not. With the upcoming "Age of Ultron," titles like "The Superior Spider-Man," "Fantastic Four" and "Uncanny Avengers" will tie in, but those tie-ins will be additional issues that don't interrupt the run of the regular book. So they're sort of like Point One issues. With Marvel Universe event we have planned for summer, some series will tie in, some won't, and some might do similar dedicated tie-ins.

So please pepole if you are sick of "world changing events" just stop buying them

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You don't hate crossover events as much as you say because you keep buying them. In fact.. you desire them. So we will continue to do what we do because we are making a sh*t ton of money. You are welcome.