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Pacific Rim Will Fight Its Way On To Blu-ray, DVD And Digital In October

Who wants it?

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I'll probably pirate it or rent it. I saw once in theaters. One more time will be enough for me.

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Pacific Rim was a huge disappointment...

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Loved this movie and and I will be looking forward to getting it on DVD.

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Not I.

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I'd by this

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they could have gone with a cooler DVD cover, but yes I'll be getting it

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I'll buy it and watch the sh!t out of it.

Easily one of my favorite movies of the year.

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I couldn't be more pumped for the blu-ray. My favorite film of the year, and there was a ton of great stuff that came out this year.

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I'll at least rent it.

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Hell Yea


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@ccraft: That's how the Fett get's down son :)

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Finally the best movie of the year.

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I'd buy it on Blu-Ray. Notable acting, fantastic fight scenes and phenomenal visuals.

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Looks like a damn SPARTAN from Halo. The helmet at least. I haven't seen the film yet.

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Eh, not gonna buy it. I was underwhelmed by Pacific Rim

-Boring Acting

-Cliche characters

-Not enough monster fights (I think there were three in the entire film)

But I will admit the effects were cool looking.

Also, why the heck is this coming out in October, but I have to wait for November for frackin' Man of Steel???

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@the_stegman: Bigger releases take longer to get out on DVD.

PR in anycase, as much as I liked it, is admittedly just a two hour advertisement for Warner Brother's upcoming Godzilla movie.

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I'll get it to support the film

We must all be punished for letting this movie bomb just because Sandler made another piece of shit just to the stupid crowd pay him for making a sequel to a movie no one asked to see.

Sandler should be Crucified and then tared and feathered.

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@guardian_of_gravity: How can you say that? PR was a genre defining film, personally I'd say that it's in my top 10 (controversialy) kaiju films.

Godzilla 2014's production has really gotten on my nerves and Gareth Edwards being the director is making me bite my fingers in fear.I'ts a film that has been in the works (not in production) since about 2009 and I've been impaitent since 2011, It's been around 9 years since the last godzilla film and I'm both extremely excited but scared out of my mind.

Godzilla 2014 has a very large chance of being garbage and a major disappointment.

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@kaijukinggojira: It's obvious that Godzilla is what Warner Brothers is banking on for 2014 since it seems that the Mass Effect movie may just be a no show for 2014. And Gareth is a colossal Godzilla fanboy, I'm sure he'll do fine.

I love pacific Rim, but it seems like something WB just green lighted to whet peoples appetites for the main course one year later.

And plus they have Tristar's movie as the perfect template of how not to make a Kaiju Blockbuster.

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I'll probably get it 6 months or so after release when it's cheaper.

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@guardian_of_gravity: I'd say WB has it's hands full with trying to catch up with Marvel, They were put in a postion they never thought that they'd be in with Man Of Steel, because the film has everyone conflicted. If Godzilla 2014 ends up being a disappointment then they would have other things that they would consider more important to deal with. Edwards being a fan of Godzilla is kind of useless, before anything I just want this film to be good and Edwards track record is very iffy at best.

"Godzilla is what Warner Brothers is banking on for 2014 "

This has me concerned as well. Mainstream appeal is awful, were talking about an audience of people that would watch Transformers and Sandler shit, over things like District 9 and Elysuim.

Honestly $ 200,000,000 and Del Toro aren't really things that you should consider as appetizer material. Del Toro is very competent director with a track record that can rival Tarintino. As a director he is light years ahead of Edwards. Honestly if they were making this to make anticipation for Godzilla 2014 we would have atleast have seen a teaser by the end or they could have shown the trailer a couple years ago for a movie people have waited for since 2004. All I'm saying is that PR deserves a large amount of credit.