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I was reading and reviewing a few series on the weekend and in the process I came across a couple of great overkill moments, essentially that the character has already killed the enemy once over and then just decides to completely make sure that their adversary is dead.  I should note that there are spoilers ahead (though it likely doesn't matter because who reads Dejah Thoris or Danger Girl?).  The first of these was from the series Back in Black where Johnny Barracuda and Secret Agent Zero are sneaking around on a ship when they get discovered 

The second is from the first story arc of Dejah Thoris, where she has been given a pair of wings for flight and a sword that can shoot one fairly powerful blast.  
I might keep posting here as I come across these but feel free to share any others that you have come across.  
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Overkill doesn't bother me. This coming from a person who is against the death penalty.

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@Supreme Marvel: I think there is a difference between comic book/sci fi violence and real world violence.  If I were to see the Secret Agent Zero thing in real life I would probably be scarred for life, but here it was kind of humorous.  
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@RazzaTazz: Real world, I wouldn't be scarred, because I've seen some messed up things. Thanks internet! While I was younger and I didn't like it one bit but never put me off anything.

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@Supreme Marvel: Oh, I am pretty opposed to real world violence, in fact I don't even really watch action movies.
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They know that it is possible for the person to fake the death and so they go overkill to make sure they are actually dead...its pretty logical.

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@RazzaTazz: :O I'm watching Die Hard 4 now. I was happy this pain in the arse female character was in a van that fell from a pretty high location and blew up with her in. That in real life, I'd be against it.

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LOL that Dejah Thoris sequence reminded me about a scene in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter where Abe is fighting one using his axe and when the vampire got on hold he used a secret button under the blade edge to shoot him with the handle. The axe was also a shotgun.

Trust me I seen some really ludicrous overkills, these examples are really tame.