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Poll: Out of these, who has the biggest ego? (16 votes)

Kaiba(Yu-Gi-Oh!) 25%
Vegeta(DBZ) 56%
Light Yagami(Death Note) 6%
Ben Tennyson(any Ben10 series) 6%
Aizen(Bleach) 0%
Any of the Mavro(Hungry Joker) 0%
Omega Shenron(DBGT) 0%
Shiki the Golden Lion(One Piece) 0%
Yami Bakura(Yu-Gi-Oh!) 0%
Luke Valentine(Before he was eaten by Alucard)(Hellsing) 6%
Jan Valentine(Hellsing) 0%
Hagire(Deadman Wonderland) 0%

So, who do you think has the biggest ego? Give some reasons if you can :D

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Voted for Vegeta based purely on the Cell Saga.

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I'm going to go with Luke: Didn't he say he was a demigod?

While fighting Alucard.

If he was fighting someone on a comparable level to himself, whom he actually had a chance of beating, I'd pick someone else. But since he was fighting Alucard, and knew full well his reputation, yet STILL talked himself up, I'd say that's more ego maniacal than anyone else on this list.

Everyone else actually had a chance, or even an advantage, that would offer some justification for their ego. Vegeta was constantly training, Kira actually WAS smart enough to get away with it, Yami really WAS that good, Ben's got an infinite number of superpowers at his disposal, Aizen came REALLY close to pulling off his plan, etc.

While I'm not familiar with Hagire, I'm pretty sure Luke's the only one who not only had no chance of beating his opponent, but knew his opponent's reputation extensively PRIOR to challenging him.

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Vegeta,becasue of his arrogance Cell was allowed to reach his full power.

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Vegeta if we count everything before he martyrs himself vs Buu. if we count EVERYthing, then he becomes much less arrogant and egomaniacal in later stories

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OMG vegeta that d!ck.... But my feeling for him did change in buu saga.

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What happens when you know like none of these?

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Would have voted for reed Richards but he's not on it

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light yagami he believed he was god

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