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Since there is no existing discussion on how people feel towards the series now that the first 4 episodes have been realized, i thought i should start one.So the main focus point of this topic is:

How do you feel about the series in general? Will you continue to watch the series? Elaborate on the points you thing are crucial.

Its my opinion that the series is awful compared to the Spider-Man TAS and other TV series in general. The animation is terrible, like Peter Parker's face for example, I didn't expected the animation to be a good as the Young justice series that DC is going but at least at the same level as The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes. Also i wonder if there even is a 4th wall, Spidey talks to the audiences so often that its totally uncharacteristic of him. Breaking the wall is Deadpool's thing. My main issue though is the joke/gags (Granted that the show is aimed at preteens). The show seems to be like this on running gag that tries to point out how funny Spidey is without putting a laugh-track.

On the point on whether or not i will continue to watch the show, i am going to say: Yes i will. "Why?" you ask. Because i need to watch something on a Sunday morning whilst eating my bowl of fruit loops.

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I agree. The show is focused to pre teens...maybe 7-10 year olds so the animation and script kinda suck from an adult point of view. That being said, some of the humor in it isn't too bad, just gotta shut off the brain a bit. The fact that all of the characters like Nova, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are young teens irks me to no end. I don't like that it tries to be waaaaay too funny...almost like a stand up comedy act. The internal monologue turned outward to the fans is soooo annoying. while it does have some good laughs on occassion, it certainly doesn't live up to the other great series of the past or present. It fails on more levels than it succeeds for sure. Such a great concept ("ULTIMATE spider-man"!) and it just doesn't live up to the promise.

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I think it sucks. The only time I'm watching it is the final few minutes why waiting for Avengers to come on.

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I'm watching it. I find it to be pretty interesting. I just hope as time passes, Spider-Man gets on his own team or becomes "Ultimate" instead of staying with Nova, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and the cat person who's name I can't remember.

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It sucks. I was done with it after the first episode.