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In the comic Old Man Logan The Hulk ate Wolverine but later on he heals and bursts out of Hulk's chest and Hulk slumps over and seemingly dies. My question is how this is even possible? Hulk probably has the best healing factor on Earth yet he gets killed from Wolverine cutting his way out of his chest? Hulk has healed from WAY more devastating attacks but he dies from Wolverine's claws. Either in his crazy old age The Hulk's healing factor has slowed down or the writer wanted to wrap things up quickly and just ignore Hulk's insane healing ability. I'm asking you guys what your opinion on this event in an old comic from 2008.

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isn't OML from an Alt Univ? that answers the question

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@cmyers1980: Comics be crazy. I love Old Man Logan. Also, I would hardly called a book from 4 years ago "old."

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@cmyers1980: "or the writer wanted to wrap things up quickly and just ignore Hulk's insane healing ability"

I hate to admit it, but probably this. It was also just a comic that was meant ot be a helluva lot of fun though, kind of in the mould of a 70's grindcore film i think. Leave your brain cells at the door and just enjoy the ride. I think that was the premise.

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If Hulk was a lot taller than his regular height and also Bruce Banner had some of Hulk's strength even in his human form so I don't any reason why his healing factor would just shut off

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@cmyers1980: Radiation is the official explanation.

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I was wondering this too at first since it would be impossible for Wolverine to just heal himself after he was supposedly digested. But since this is an alternative universe and I really enjoyed how fun this book was, it didn't bother me in the long run.

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One, probably due to him having 50 yrs of age more on. And in the mentioned flashbacks, hulk was exposed to over a hundred of atomic bombs during the villains takeover. Resulting to his new deranged and altered personality. Radiation overdose and old age could done the trick!

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Stop trying to ruin Old Man Logan lol. It's on a pedestal.