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do you prefer old comics or new comics and why?

I personally think reading an old comics is almost like time traveling with awesome tresuare adds or just stuff that reminds you of an awesome old video game.

but new comics are cool too if developed well taking advantage of the new technology.

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New comics. The panels are layed out better and the art is better. But you do have to give some credit to the old for being good enough to get this far.

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Old comics are fun the art is not that great and some of the stories are super week but I do love old comics because they were not trying as hard as some of the new comics As for new comics yeah some of them have awesome art and stories but I do hate all the major cross over events the a lot a comics keep putting out I say old comics

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I like both.

I like "old" comics (60s-70s-80s) because it's really fun and interesting to see the early adventures of some of my favorite characters. Some of the stories may be a little cheesy but sometimes you can discover real gems.

I like new comics because, for the most part, the stories are more mature and easier to read. The art can be really gorgeous too. However, I've seen a lot of recent comics where the art looked like crap compared to some older comics.

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New. I enjoy old comics from time to time, and you gotta give them credit. But new comics are a lot more mature, serious, and darker, which I personally prefer. Also, the art of comic books has advanced incredibly. Pages are set up a lot better, and computers have made colors look better than ever. Art in comics is a lot more creative and diverse in style overall nowadays as well.

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Old comics.

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Of course I like new comics, otherwise I probably would have no interest in this site, but I also like older comics as well. It's kind of neat to see how the art form has developed and how society has changed as well.

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New comics, mostly because of the art and page layout.

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I love the Silver and Bronze ages because that's the stuff I grew up with. I also love new comics and buy quite a few monthly titles. The era I didn't really enjoy was the late 80's and early 90's.

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Good comics.

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@Onemoreposter Good choice
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I like new comics and old comics. Old comics gives you great stories from the past. It reflects on things that was going on at that time. With new comics you get to see story develope and sometimes become surprised with plot twists.