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So yeah its the new 52 anniversary this month.But Serious how confusing DC made in years in the new 52. I very understand how some events are there some are not. Some charcthers might not exist that we all knew and love acouple years back. Yet DC never really clearifed that, just a couple of parts here and there tat made some sense.But Earth two got me stumped like how can "Worlds Finiest" and "Earth 2" coexist if the trinity in earth 2 are dead? I really hope TRINTY WAR or the 0 issues can tell us somethings but it might or might, even if it did it might not be alot. Only time can tell

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I don't understand what you mean...what does the Trinity being dead have to do with Earth 2 and Worlds' Finest coexisting....neither of the books are about the Trinity....Earth 2 is about the JSA and Worlds' Finest is about Powergirl and Huntress on Earth Prime

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Worlds' Finest is set on a different earth than Earth 2....the Trinity is alive and fine on Earth Prime