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You've probably heard the news. Captain America became the President in the Ultimate Universe. There's a bunch of stuff going on which lead to him becoming the choice for the job. This isn't the first time the idea has been tossed about. CAPTAIN AMERICA #250 (from 1980) immediately comes to mind. We've often thought what it'd be like to have Cap or Superman (remember the Kryptonian birthing matrix origin that made it so he technically was born on the rocket when it landed in Smallville?) as President. Now the Ultimate Universe will see the Super Soldier as the President.

This week's question is, would Captain America, or another superhero, make a good President? If you don't think Cap would be the best choice, who do think would be? Could someone like Cap give up being a superhero in order to perform the Presidential duties? Would they have to hang up their spandex in order to wear suits and sit around the White House?

Let us know in the comments below.

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I don't see it lasting. He'll be too busy saving the world and stuff like any other super hero president would be.

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As much evil they have dealt with, no hero is ready for the type of villainy that comes alongside politics.

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@ssejllenrad said:

As much evil they have dealt with, no hero is ready for the type of villainy that comes alongside politics.

I agree with this. You can beat up a villain but not opposing politicians.

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The ones I would vote for are: Captain America of the mainstream Marvel universe and Jay Garrick. I had a few other heroes in mind, but they weren't born in America so that doesn't work.

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I'd vote for Tony Stark.

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i'd vote for Bruce Wayne - with his brain and tough stance on crime, the world could be a better place

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Considering how many  whack jobs try to kill him NOW, just imagine how much serious it'll be if he becomes the C.I.C.? 
How man super goofballs will attempt to blow up the White House? 
How many civilians will be hurt or killed in these attacks? 

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The AUthoirty became US President and look how well that went!!! NOT! Cap cant punch the budget, hes better as a weapon IMO

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Captain? After AVX no. Unless you like facism. Spidey for prez.

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Bruce Wayne should run for president with Lucious Fox as his Vice President, Alfred as his senior Advisor. Bruce also has strong ties to the JLA which he is a member himself therefore we have the greatest defense, he always has Batman INC for foreign affairs. and many more things that can support his claim.

also just a side note, if Lex Luthor wasn't EVIL and SELFISH...he'd probably make the best president in history. no joke

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Ultimate Cap is getting shit done. 616 Cap isn't as aggressive as Ult. Cap.

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Lex Luther

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Luthor for President! Four more years!

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Howard the Duck for President!!!! Hahaha

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Lucius Fox for president!

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I think if he could get over having to take direct action himself then he has a shot. Unlike 616 Cap his brain has also been enhanced all he needs to do is change his normal approach.

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I'd like to see that homicidal maniac The Punisher as President, tougher punishment on crimes, DEATH DEATH DEATH!

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I'd vote for any Captain America.

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I go for Doom.

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Layla Miller. She knows stuff. Joking aside I think Layla would be a great president. She's intelligent, compassionate but ruthless enough to make the tough decisions if she needs to. I also don't think it would go to her head like it would someone like Tony Stark. I don't think Captain America would make a good president look at the mess he made of Avengers Versus X-Men and Civil War. Diplomacy is not his strong suit.

X-Factor #230
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@Eternal Chaos said:

I go for Doom.

Hail DOOM!

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Don't we all like stuff?

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I was thinking about this last night because I was reading a Batman comic and I wondered if Bruce Wayne would have some extreme advantages working as both President and Batman. Could get away with almost anything that he needed to, and yet, he would have America's best interests at heart. But then again, I don't think he would want to overload his plate either. We'll see what kind of job Captain America does.

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I say go for it and see what story opportunities are brought up.

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616 Peter Parker the wisest Man in Marvel. Hater gonna hate!

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Are you kidding? Cap is the super-hero Ike Eisenhower would have been if he were a super-hero.

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Bruce Wayne. And Lex Luthor like someone said. Read Superman: Red Son.

From superheroes, Superman.

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Black Panther / T'challa would proberly be a good president, he have experiance in politics, he is crazy smart and of course he already know how it is to run a country.

I dont see Captain America being a good president, he may be honorable, brave, smart and kind hearted... but does know anything about politics? infrastructure? does he know anything about economics? I dont think he does.

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What do cap knows about politics, economics or even sociology ? Being a president requires much more talent than muscles and fighting skills. Can he deal with the economic crisis and other problems ? I dont think so.

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everything would fall into place
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Cthulhu for president... ok no.

But is awesome though, having issues with other nation? no problem i will go my self and kick their ass!

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Green Arrow

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Martian Manhunter. That telepathy would come in handy

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Mr. Fantastic, no one else

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@Mad_Wolverine said:



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Deadpool for PRESIDENT!!!!!!

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Captain America believes that 47% of the New DCU is lazy, and looking for a hand out! Hello, I'm Miss Thing, and I endorse this message.

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I'll say Bruce Wayne.He cares about the safety you his fellow man. He has many government and foreign connections. And He heavily donates to charities. Also has an I.Q that can rival anyone. All aspects that will make a great Commander in Chief .

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@ComicMan24 said:

@ssejllenrad said:

As much evil they have dealt with, no hero is ready for the type of villainy that comes alongside politics.

I agree with this. You can beat up a villain but not opposing politicians.

^^^^So eloquent!

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A good president ? Luthor or Parker.

A bad president ? Mister terrfic,Reed, tchalla (shamefull character), mccoy, cho, pym, banner or stark. They all hold great knowledge and have the power but when it come to help or improve mankind they never move. That is why i hate them i would never want ot have them a the head of a state. They litterally don't care about the people.

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Squirrel Girl, it makes sense ...

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Matt Murdock

understand the law/has a soft spot for the little guy/powers let him know who to trust

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Well considering the useless, corrupt, lying corporate suckups we have to choose from, I would not say that Captain America could possibly be worse...

However, Deadpool would be the most entertaining

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Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent for President and Vice President.