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I brought up the question of whether or not superheroes should get paid before. That's where the Super Human Registration Act could work in their favor. With superheroes and their secret identities, the idea of how they would get paid could be difficult. If their identity is a secret, how would they cash their checks or pay taxes on their income?
There's also the fact that heroes are who they are because of a need or sense of responsibility to do good. They aren't out saving lives to gain fame or fortune. They become heroes because they have the abilities that allow them to save those in need. You can't put a price on the cost of saving a life. 

What happens to the hero that decides to do the right thing? Super-powered individuals could easily take what they want, but that's not who they are. D-Man (formerly known as Demolition Man) is a hero that was partners with Captain America and eventually became a homeless hero. Is it right that those who have given and risked so much could easily fall from grace?
  == TEASER == 
It really shouldn't be possible for a hero to become homeless. No one is forcing them to spend their time fighting crime. You could even think of being a superhero as being a volunteer. People do volunteer work all the time. They just don't let it consume so much of their time that they are unable to provide for themselves. It might be difficult for heroes to hold down a decent job when they are dedicated to saving the world. You can't schedule supervillain battles outside normal business hours. When heroes are out late patrolling the streets or getting caught up chasing after their enemies, finding time to sleep and rest can be difficult, especially if they have to report to a real job early the next day. 
Perhaps being a superhero is almost like an addiction. Some may crave the rush of adrenaline in chasing and defeating the bad guys. Others may have suffered such a tragic experience that the only way they can find temporary peace within themselves is by bringing wrong-doers to justice. Are the heroes that obsess over fighting evil responsible if they allow their personal lives to fall to pieces? What happens when being a superhero causes them to lose their paying jobs?  

Heroes are heroes because that's who they are. They don't ask for or feel the need to be paid for saving lives. Yet, police officers and fire fighters rightfully get paid for doing the same. What is the solution? Should heroes that are hard up stop being selfless and start worrying more about themselves? Should they turn their backs on the weak and defenseless victims in the world? People may not ask them to give up their personal time to fight evil but you know they are more than thankful when their property or lives are saved by them. Superheroes could easily become celebrities or sports stars by wrongfully using their powers for personal gain. If that did happen, they would lose the identity of who they used to be and wouldn't be around when they might really be needed.   Perhaps a Super Hero Legal Defense Fund could be set up for those heroes that can't help but spend so much time saving lives. If they should ever find themselves in a situation where they lose everything and don't want to use their powers to wrongfully take what they need, they'll have the assistance they might need.
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I think I can empathize with the pight of the superheroes who may become homeless.  However, if you spoke with Iron Man or any of the Initiative movers and shakers, they would have said, "But they wouldn't have to worry about that if they only registered and been gainfully employed by S.H.I.E.L.D."  This kind of argument can also tie into the "Can we use superheroes for natural resources" topic you had posted a while back.   
Any time someone's gets tapped by a system because of their abilities and cannot operate without becoming a criminal becomes a slave to it.   
My two cents... Jim

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In an elseworlds story Batman was a wrestler :P
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Depending on the hero, life wouldnt be all that tough. A good guy, like Spiderman, could probably get free food in whatever neighborhood he spent allot of time in. And Superboy actually got an easy janitorial job and free board back in the day. 
 pretty much, unless the hero completely refused charity and using their powers to... well, eat, i cant see any decent hero starving. Become some auto dealers mascot. Work out a deal with Mall security. Something.

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This is why heroes need to live in there own secret HQ's, where nobody can find them.

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I always thought D-Man was actually a homeless Wolverine-ripoff!
Now I discover he was actually a real superhero, battling alongside the like of Cap!

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I Can't believe it.  that panel from "  New Avengers" was so funny,  now it's just making me feel bad for him...

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the sup hum registration act can't be, it would change everything about being an hero, being anonymous (more or less) is a basic, when we're anonymous we don't feel the ''burden'' of the laws and the public oppression so a hero could do his job way more easily, it takes guts to be one, and when change back to his civil life he doesn't have to support the people around him questioning or worse about his hero life. You can't be a hero without a certain discretion (not literally i mean) and  being paid for being an hero would be kinda sad. 
Being an hero is a choice and a honor, the money question is pretty ugly. Being an hero in order to being paid, it's not heroism it's doing a job. And i assume if they've got issues they can ask for help, doesn't require to be a hero for giving money or home to a person in need, a hero is still a person we can help. They rescue us we can give them hospitality.  (in a comic universe view)

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Make like the Secret Six and go mercenary for a while, at least until you replenish your coffers. Of course, the Six can't seem to complete a job to save their lives and are perpetually broke, so maybe that's not the most sound advice, either.

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wasnt Rorsach homeless?

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You would think if they're well known enough they would have friends in high places. Avengers Mansion is a big place right?

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@SirSparkington: But look at D-Man. He was friends/partners with both the Thing and Captain America.
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wait a minute....G-Man....D-Man....it all makes sense now!
finding himself destitute, former Avenger D-Man gets a job telling covering the news of his and his friends fantastic adventures on the 
renowned website Comicvine and changes his identity to that of mild mannered yet a little rough around the edges journalist G-Man!
This is your story! I for one applaud your openness in sharing with us all. We're here for ya buddy!

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I was thinking of something similar the other day when reading Young Allies.  Firestar is meant to be juggling college (how can she afford it?) with her tattered social life, has been applying for jobs and still wants to fight crime in her spare time... spare time?!  WHAT spare time!  Anyone who studies and works has NO spare time, let alone fight super-powered bad guys. 
So it surprises me that there aren't more characters like poor D-Man. 
To be honest, homelessness in comics is pretty much swept under the comics.  Jubilee was an orphaned 'mallrat' who literally lived at the mall!  The Runaways ran away from home & lived in a derelict hotel as well as an underground super-cave... and eventually an actual house (which was detroyed, naturally).  Not to mention, the X-Men, Avengers, F4 & everyone else has at some point of other suffered the total destruction of their bases/homes.  But never has the issue of beign 'homeless' been given any time or consideration.
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What's the problem with identifying themself as a superhero? If they want to get payed (not to become rich, but to have a comfortable live next to their crime fighting) they could just go to a gouvernement bureau and identify themself. It's not hard to make clear you are Superman, Spiderman or The Thing.

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@SirSparkington:  I agree completely, it's stated D-Man was friends with The Thing and Captain America, is the Thing such a bad friend he'd rather say to this guy, "Sucks to be you", than say "Hey why don't you crash on my couch until you get on your feet."?
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Clearly, within the Marvel Universe there is a homeless superhero underground that has heretofore only been mentioned in whispers.

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@dondasch: There's also the Morlocks (in X-Men) before they were massacred.  

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@G-Man:  awwwww ): I have sum mouth wash you can drink?
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thats imp.... oh wait .....Hancock....

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I felt bad for D-Man ever since I saw those panels in New Avengers. I realise it was done purely for comedic purposes, but it did hit a nerve with me. Hopefully, a writer will actually care for him to the point a story will be done to give the character closure. He had friends in high places, it shouldn't have been this way for him.
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@Doctor!!!!! said:
" thats imp.... oh wait .....Hancock.... "
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Songbird was homeless too during Dark Reign. 


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" Perhaps being a superhero is almost like an addiction. Some may crave the rush of adrenaline in chasing and defeating the bad guys. Others may have suffered such a tragic experience that the only way they can find temporary peace within themselves is by bringing wrong-doers to justice."

 Punisher: MAX #1
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@TheCheeseStabber said:
" wasnt Rorsach homeless? "
No, he lived in an apartment.
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wow.look whos fallen down the radioactive ladder....he looks like a bum version of wolverine.
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I'm just wondering, has Cap or Thing ever been in a conversational situation when they ask questions to eachother like "what ever happend to D-man?"
I mean it seems like in any comic univers theres at lest one person who's keeping a tab on some hero, knowing where they are and what hardships their currnetly going through. So how did D-man end up becoming homless without anyone raising an eyebrow? It just seems impossible, esspecialy in a super-hero comunity.

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@TheCheeseStabber:  he had an apartment, he was real messy, he didn't paid rent on time, Tony was homless for a while when Stane bought his company
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Helllllo Rorschach people...homeless super hero of the decade or w/e 

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Homeless.........with superpowers pfft, that ain't happening life of crime her I come!

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Where can I find that homeless D-Man story?
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@Herx said:
"So how did D-man end up becoming homless without anyone raising an eyebrow? It just seems impossible, esspecialy in a super-hero comunity. "

But then things got worse. When Urich found him, there weren't other homeless living with him. He was even stealing from a pawnshop. He saved a couple from robberies but ended up taking a couple things for himself. So sad.
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They just become villains and can become rich? I guess that is always a choice that homeless heroes can do.

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@NightFang said:
" This is why heroes need to live in there own secret HQ's, where nobody can find them. "
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Hey, it's their spare time, man. Every action has a consequence. Honestly I was pro registration (nonetheless screw that terrible event and story), I think it had the framework to address most issues faced by costumed heroes. Training, accountability, identities could be kept confidential (like how the government does with CIA operatives).  

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I feel like more examples should be included besides D-Man

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I was an avid reader of Captain America during D-Man's tenure as his sidekick. It makes me sad to see where he ended up.  :(

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@tbpinkfloyd: Songbird was mentioned in the comments. As were the Morlocks. What about the Runaways? Fallen Angels? Etc.
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Tony Stark was homeless for a good while
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They should be paid, either privately, as a member of a team/corporation or as government agents. 
I actually think the Superhuman Registration Act was a good idea. It brings being a superhero on the level of the Green Lantern Corps, for example, rather than just random vigilantism and ego-driven anarchy it often is on.

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This just shows how selfish rich heroes are or that D-Man wanted to be homless. 
In the later that's actually a common problem among homless with mental issues 
and if that's the case its just more sad. 
In the case he has no job or whatever couldn't  the FF, X-men or stark give him a job? 
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Ok  characters like d-man are just pathetic. Why cant the homeless heroes like him get a job and fight evil at the same time. I mean sups and spidey had a job but that didnt stop them from fighting evil. Sure they are devoted but thats taking it to the EXTREME. Captain America is devoted but i dont see him running around the city all day and eating shit with the homeless CMON.

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Can anyone tell me, from which comic is that pic in the middle? That's Daredevil, right? Is that Frank Miller's 'Man Without Fear?

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@TheMinister707 said:
" Wasn't Billy Batson homeless at one point?    
yes, yes he was.
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no who elese is homeless (just before they're part of the team)?
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I think it's most likely a commentary on many soldiers that go to war only to come back to relatively nothing and eventually fall into vagrancy. 
In D-Man's case, I think it was just a case of him making the wrong decisions.  Instead of becoming an Avenger first and using his influence to help the plight of the homeless, he tried to do it himself and couldn't handle it. 
I'm actually surprised more heroes aren't homeless.  How Peter Parker's managed to always have a place to live is beyond me.

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i don't know to answer your question. But heroes shouldn't have to register. It causes to much problems.
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Even villains suffer from the same fate, take Kingpin for example when HYDRA forced the big guy to lose his money and was temporarely forced into streets.