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#51 Posted by AsgardianXeno929 (1076 posts) - - Show Bio

So they're lazy for wanting to have a life instead of putting their life on the line for people who probably don't even care that much? I still love you Daredevil (Just kidding I don't care about daredevil)

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For me Daredevil is just a good example of what they should do, he has a life, something more than get out at night and fight crime, and he cares about it, a good balance of his life..... of course this is kinda freak aside heroes like Batman

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You know G-man, you should work for Dc and write comics about perfect, always studious, uptight and upright heroes. zzzzzzzzzz boring

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We are attacking DD for trying to have a love life on top of helping ppl in both his civilian and vigilante roles? Really?

Um, G-Man, have you not seen Spidey try to do the exact same thing a million times? He has even given up being Spider-Man on more than one occasion.

Think of the good Batman could do for people with his billions upon billions. Instead he dresses up as a bat and goes around beating people up at night. DD in comparison helps people as a defence attorney, not just as a superhero.

And Wolverine? Seriously?! The guy gets drunk and womanizes other mens wives when he isn't on duty.

Uh, the quality of articles on this site is really atrocious.

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agreed. batman and spiderman are examples of letting the job become you and that is not healthy. Heroes like daredevil aren't lazy, they should be commended for being able to know when to recharge and keep in touch with who they are outside the costume.

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It has to be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Much like soldiers whose performance begins to suffer after repeated deployments, heroes who fail to take some R&R time are far more likely to snap and either injure someone or allow harm to come to another through improper action.

#57 Posted by revbucky (321 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gokujam said:

Even cops and soldiers get vacations and leaves of absences. Heroes need a break and time to relax just like everyone else.

I agree. Without a little R & R everyone will burnout.

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um... nah. Lazy super heros are just ones who aren't in the spotlight as much as others. It's like making a comparison to a cop in NYC and a cop in a community of 20 people. The cop in NYC is going to have much more flashy stories to tell, but is he better than the cop that really doesn't have to do much besides look out for his small community. Daredevil's lack of multiple stories maybe due to the lack of crime in his community because he's doing his job well.

#59 Posted by Necrotic_Lycanthrope (2501 posts) - - Show Bio

At least they go around kicking crime around before taking a  few days off. 
In one of the DC Earth's, the Justice League went a little overboard and wiped out ALL crime on and off the planet, turning them into baddies. 
Lol, all of this reminds me of the episode of the Powerpuff Girls when they warp through time and 50 years pass where the heroes haven't bothered to save Townsville. I'm pretty sure if that was applied to Marvel and DC, you'd get a Justice (graphic novel)  situation than grows out of it.

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Blame the writers not the character he he he

#61 Posted by Project_Worm (3758 posts) - - Show Bio

The fact that they are still willing to put their life on the line for no reward whatsoever sort of outshines any lack of motivation...

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People are not obligated to help just because they have superpowers. The fact that they still make some time, and save people when they can is good.

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How often do we all come home at the end of a work day and feel exhausted? They have it a hundred times harder. Give the guy a break.

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personally i disagree i love reading about daredevils love life(cause it always ends tragically) and another prime example is Luke cage i mean at first he was a hero for hire literally you had to pay him to help you but he gave that up and look at him now hes the new avengers and thunderbolts leader and a father.

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@warriorpk39 said:



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I actually like it when superhero take a break and do normal people stuff.

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The Problem with Unmotivated Heroes?

Hard work pays off.

Spidey got several cartoon shows + video games

3 blockbuster Hits plus one more movie coming this JUNE

DD got cameos and a Epic fail Movie

Where instead of getting a Sequel he ended up giving Electra a debut Film

C'mon SON


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The thing with an issue like this is, the role of the superhero isn't an official job. It's not like they are actual policemen or security guards, at the very least it is vigilantism/regulatorism at best when a superhero takes it upon himself to uphold justice. Therefore, whatever obligation superheroes have to serve the community at large is a normative idea at best. Just because there is a valued interest in the superhero doing what they should, its not as if they are required to do so. They aren't required by law or custom or public statute to perform their abilities for good...that is solely a morally obligatory idea. If a hero is then an unmotivated or lazy type, that is their prerogative. Daredevil can't be forced to be 'on the job 24/7 like Batman would be, its his choice whether he commits to the job fully or not. Sure it sets a bad example, but that's just how life is. Yeah, its a mean-spirited thing to do but it happens.

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Don't be hatin' on Daredevil! He hasn't seen a day of rest in years.

#71 Posted by minigunman123 (3262 posts) - - Show Bio

@Cafeeine: Who IS daredevil?

#72 Posted by kilon (128 posts) - - Show Bio

stop blaming daredevil for wanting to have a normal life. he deserves to take a breathe after all the hard work he's done keeping hell kitchen a safe place from crime. heroes have life's too yu know

#73 Posted by TheGeekCritique (28 posts) - - Show Bio

It's any wonder why a superhuman would want to fight evil at all. If you think about the real world there are X number of civil servants ranging from firefighters to doctors to police officers residing in New York City and yet crimes are still committed, fires still erupt and people still die. Even though all of this turmoil isn't eradicated and even though every normal person is just as capable as everyone else, not everyone chooses to pursue the profession of civil servant.

Now if you exaggerate things and turn villainy into super-villainy and heroism into super-heroism, what's the difference? Crimes are committed and people still die even in a city which is home to Spider-Man, The Avengers, X-Factor and the Fantastic Four. Just because someone gains super powers and is just as capable as someone else with super powers doesn't mean he or she is motivated or obligated to fight crime and save lives.

Otherwise, wouldn't we all be civil servants?

#74 Posted by TheFaustianMan (13 posts) - - Show Bio

That's like comparing Eddie Van Halen with everyone that owns a guitar and asking, "Why aren't they as good?" Sometimes people do the best they can in different ways. Spidey ain't bailing anyone out of jail, not on his salary.

But then again, I can see what you are saying with the mediocrity Dare Devil was seemingly content with. At one point he was living in a park. I mean for Christ's sake, you think he would be smart enough to at least squat in a tenement up in Harlem. I'm sure he could handle himself. And Hell's Kitchen is about 10 blocks. Spidey has Manhattan AND Queens. Jeesh, Matt you could at least expand into midtown.

#75 Posted by Dunners (41 posts) - - Show Bio

maybe there's not much happening in hells kitchen for daredevil to do anything, that's why he's probably so use to slacking as a super-hero.

#76 Posted by daredevil21134 (13935 posts) - - Show Bio

Since when can a hero not take a break?Daredevil left Hell's Kitchen to regroup and get his mind straight,its not like he went to the Bahamas.Daredevil has suffered more than most heroes because of his dedication to fighting crime.And there is nothing wrong with having relationships along the way.Not every hero has to be obsessed like Batman.

#77 Posted by Paracelsus (1901 posts) - - Show Bio

Depends- as one poster aptly noted- even cops and soldiers(n wartime no less for the latter) are entitled to time off- it's cruel and unrealistic to expect heroes- even the most dedicated ones- to be on the job 24/7 and 365/366 days per year!


#78 Posted by DocFatalis (1451 posts) - - Show Bio

The Punisher never relaxes, and I am not sure it serves him well.

I mean, Frank is interesting, but having a drink with him could be a little stressful.

#79 Posted by capthavic (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Personally I agree with Danial79, so long as they aren't ignoring calls for help and assisting those in need when they see it then they aren't being lazy. These people are hero's, but super powered or not they are still just people like you and me. They can't be everywhere at once, they can't be on duty 24/7, they get burned out and need some time to relax and get away from their job. Again that's not to say they shouldn't lend a hand if they can while off duty or ignore another hero's request for help just because they feel like calling in sick, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve a little "me" time too.

While not a religious person I do like the motto "God helps those who help themselves". These hero's may be able to help but that doesn't mean we should depend on them completely. The world will never get better if we don't take some responsibility to make it better.

#80 Posted by Ferro Vida (34318 posts) - - Show Bio

I thoroughly disagree with this article for several reasons, the least of which is that you are saying one of my favourite characters is a lesser hero. 

Should these heroes simply be allowed to work  when they feel like it or should more drastic action be taken against them? 

 Well let's see, they aren't being paid, or in many cases even thanked for the things that they do. Questioning whether or not they should be allowed to choose their hours is like telling someone who helps at the Food Bank or Good Will to volunteer more often. Saying that heroes should always be on call would be suggesting they should be slaves, that whenever something goes wrong the people can expect them to show up instead of hoping that they will (a point Tony Stark made during Civil War about the changing public perception of heroes). And for not showing up to risk their lives to save they day they should be chastised, or even arrested for not being a committed enough vigilante. 
Having their real life showcased in a book doesn't necessarily mean that a character has more of one then another. We do see a lot of Matt Murdock in Daredevil books, and that makes him a more complete character. It's also important to the story, because Matt is a hero both in costume and out of it; he works to save people on both sides of the law, and to accurately represent that you need to see what his life is like. 
In Batman books you do tend to see a lot more of Batman then Bruce Wayne, but in order to maintain his billionaire playboy status he still needs to make public appearances. That's not what people pick up the book to see, though. Likewise, Spider-man has had jobs to worry about, girl friends coming and going, friends and room mate troubles, and a whole host of other problems. In some stories those things are featured as prominently as in Daredevil's. 
And to address your point about Daredevil only being active in Hell's Kitchen: that's not true. He is mostly only active there, but he has done hero work in other places when the opportunity presents itself. During Daredevil Reborn he shut down weapon traders in a small southern town that he just stumbled across. Guys like Iron Man, Spider-man, Moon Knight, and Batman all have some way of getting from one end of the city (or country) to the other. 
To hold different heroes to the same standard simply is not fair, because different heroes do not have equal means. Tony Stark will answer a distress call in Tokyo, but Matt Murdock will help small business owners sue known mobsters. If you really consider one to be a full-time hero, while the other is only phoning it in then that is on you. I'll take a book where a hero does other things over one that is only action any day of the week.
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these past few Off my Minds have been pretty terrible

#82 Posted by ZZoMBiE13 (906 posts) - - Show Bio

If I were a hero, it'd probably be something akin to Die Fledermaus (Or if you prefer, BatManuel). In other words after I got the cool gadgetry and costume, I'd probably only sit on a rooftop somewhere and THINK about fighting crime while The Tick did all the real work.

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@umbrafeline said:


LoL .. its always the aliens ..

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I would say Spawn is probably one of the most unmotivated heroes in comics. He none the wiser in later issues than he was in the 1st issue. The whole series all you see him doing brooding and self loathing. I think it's only by issue 70 or something it start to shift gear and becomes clear what he needs to do.