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#51 Posted by The Stegman (30042 posts) - - Show Bio

There have been 4 Flashes, 5 Green Lanterns  and 12 Crimson Dynamos

well in those cases i can understand, the Flash is a legacy, it's been passed down from generation to generation, so it's ok for them to have the same name, as for Green Lantern...technically there are thousands of them, and it's a police force, like the Jedi, so they can have the same names too..but i dont really know who the Crimson Dynamo is...
#52 Posted by Mrfuzzynutz (1321 posts) - - Show Bio

I always wondered about the small town heroes, Say  hero based in Wyoming and he's been active for years

Then some punk kid finds the scepter of Horus or something crazy like that  in L.A  and becomes a Super Hero
no one would belive the guy in WYoming came first, in fact they would want him to change his name so the rookie could keep it hahaha
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@Scorvos said: 
" issues with Superhero names should be solved fist fight as established in the Story, the Tick Vs. the Tick.  

Winner gets the name - Loser is called Barry
You are a smart person and you have said a smart thing.
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Dude, you left out a lot! The Flash for one.....or three.....
#55 Posted by TheVenomSite (61 posts) - - Show Bio
Eddie Brock is Venom.  New host for symbiote should = new name.  

@Shieldbearer: Loved the new issue of Venom, but I preferred Jack over Kraven.
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This reminds me of the conversation between Spider-Man and Spider Woman in New Avengers #1. I wish I had a scan of it. =(

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The thing with so many women holding the name of Spider-woman is a mess.
#58 Posted by PikminMania (4766 posts) - - Show Bio

Hello! Anybody ever hear of The Rogues? One of their laws is no copying a villain's name if he/she is not dead yet! How could you guys forget to mention them!

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I remember how Luke Cage and Erik Jostens settles this;  the old-fashioned way.


They physically fought for the right to the name "Power Man."  

Ironically, Luke won but abandoned the name several years later anyway.

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@Samimista:  I dont have a problem with a super having a teenage sidekick & other gender copy of them. I just dont like that they introduce these newer versions, ditch them, bring in a replacement, & then go back to the first one a few years later.

I just tell myself, there is one Flash. One Green Lantern. One Hawkman. One Captain America. One Green arrow.

THAT is the problem. These others just get relgated to supporting roles, then get killed / damaged to make someone new look good.

Instead of using your "creative" skills to invent a new character to use an old identity, canabilize as much of that ideas as you can & use them for your EXISTING person.
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@Telcalipoca said:


                    when this happens it should be settle highlander style there could only be one after all



Luke Cage and Erik Jostens fought for the right to the name; 'Power Man" back in the 70's. 

Erik (then a villain) had it first but Luke started using it. 

They fought for it's use and Luke won. 


Erik went on to become Goliath and now Atlas. 

Ironically, Luke has discontinued his use of the name (though I wish he hadn't).

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Why no mention of the real Captain Marvel Billy Batson?