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Strangely enough after one issue of Alien Worlds got me to write two blogs, the issue two on from that one is also getting the same treatment.  It should be said about Alien Worlds, the cult science fiction series, that it was maybe avant garde in some respects but also lewd in others.  I was not so keen on how they let rape sneak in past the filter by one writer, but then the final issue of the series (there were only 9) was actually by far the best.  This issue dealt with some issues still relevant to our time, such as war, nuclear proliferation, and the environment.  One aspect though which was particularly interesting though was the story to do with nuclear proliferation.  I have noted previously that science fiction stories from the 1950s tended to focus a lot on the danger and also the possibility of nuclear energy, but in the 1980s with the détente among the two world superpowers many others were legitimately concerned about the future of the world.  In the early 1980s a group of protestors known as the Livermore Action Group protested outside of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, the brains behind nuclear weapon design and testing.  Generally speaking these protests didn’t go over so well and they even go onto this day (though not with the same fervor.)  In those days those for every person that thought that the two superpowers needed to arm to obliterate the world several times over, there were those that sought a peaceful alternative.  The story in Alien Worlds deals with that, but more so instead of taking the usual approach of comics to more or less stay on the sideline, the writer took the side of the protesters and depicted what he saw as the narrow minded viewpoint of the pro-war group.  Just to make his point clear he finished his story with this sign off: 

It is interesting to see the development of the medium as a bystander to the nuclear problems in the 1950s to at least in one instant in the 1980s to active participant.