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ComicVine has a comprehensive list of Alien races and this got me thinking... what about a list of non-human races or groups who live on Earth? For example the Inhumans, the Atlanteans and of course Mutants. So I got to researching and created the list/concept of Clandestine races myself. I contemplated calling the concept Hidden Races at first but a lot of these groups aren't hidden at all - Mutants being the obvious one. Obviously these are only the ones I know so it would be awesome if fellow Viners started adding to this list and tagging it to comics as well so the list can really be comprehensive. Plus a lot of these groups and races haven't got wiki pages so there's a lot of work to be done and points to be gained!

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What about supernaturally based races like vampires (NOT including Morbius because his vampirism is scientifically induced) and werewolves?


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Yeah they should be included too as they're non-human races from Earth.