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Next month, on my birthday, Black Panther Annual #1 comes out. It's going to be set in the future, with Storm & Black Panther's kid(s). I must admit that I'm a little bit nervous about what Hudlin will do, but, that's a different topic. My question for ya'll is, minus the superheroes that are already hitched (there aren't a lot of them), if you could pair any superheroes from the Marvel universe together, who would you pair and why? Then, if ya want, you can say what kinds of kids you'd like for them to have.
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I wonder what an Emma//Scott kid would become.

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Pixie and Wolf Cub.

I character like me =D

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Cable and Scarlet witch would be awesome. Backlash and Taboo finaly pooped one out would be good as well lol

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Hellion and X-23, that'd be interesting. What about Noriko and David; I think their kid would be really smart.