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Poll: Next DLC Character You Want in 'Injustice: Gods Among Us (Question of the Week) (407 votes)

Animal Man 5%
Atrocitus 5%
Batwoman 1%
Black Canary 4%
Black Manta 5%
Blue Beetle 3%
Catman 1%
Captain Cold 1%
Darkseid 6%
Doctor Fate 3%
Etrigan the Demon 4%
Katana 0%
Martian Manhunter 19%
Poison Ivy 1%
Power Girl 5%
Red Hood (Jason Todd) 12%
Static 4%
Sub Zero 2%
Swamp Thing 5%
Vixen 2%
Zatanna 5%
Other 6%
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Cyborg Superman.

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I voted Black Manta, because he'd seriously be awesome and needs some respect, but three of my four choices were sadly omitted. My Season 2 pass would include...

  • Martian Manhunter
  • Starfire
  • Despero
  • Brainiac

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I know I am in the minority but I would love to see Blue Beetle

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Beast Boy. He has a ton of possible moves you could exploit.

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Of those in the list, Static. I want Static and Starfire in the next DLC.

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Plastic Man all they way. If not i want a flash villain as long as their not a copy of another character ... maybe someone like Mirror Master.

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Even though we've got plenty of Bat-Family characters I'd really love Red Robin. Or at least a Red Robin skin for Nightwing, since he's worn the costume before.

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Zatanna for sure, she can more then hold her own!

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I voted darkseid cause seeing him face of his opponents will be awesome his omega beams his super move and it would be epic if he fought doomsday + he is one of my favourite villains.

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@vitalius: No lol, it was a joke. I've been playing the new Deadpool game and it's so hilarious and fun I want Deadpool to be in everything.

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I voted Swamp Thing, but I think Animal Man (or Vixen I guess), Red Hood, Blue Beetle (esp. Jaime Reyes), Static, and Etrigan would be awesome.

Some suggestions who weren't on the list: Plastic Man, Creeper, Katana, Blue Devil, Red Tornado, and Mera (shaping water could be cool)

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Idiots that want Red Hood, what do you think his gameplay will be like? There's already enough characters using guns. So unimaginative.

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Why doesn't anyone vote for Poison Ivy I thought she was way more populair!

(she is) What the hell why do people waste their chose into 'other'.

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BLACK BEETLE that would be EPIC

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omfg what is it with you fan girls and Jason Todd!?!?! hahaha
Seriously, everyone on Comicvine acts like a Red Hood fan yet his book doesn't sell as well as it should with his fanbase...odd.
plus I mean really? another bat character in Injustice? kill me now. can we please just think a little bit of diversity, just a little bit please, guys??

Martian Manhunter is already in the game, as a background character and I guarantee you guys whine to get him in he wont even be your most playable character unless you are a die hard.

I wish Atrocitus was playable but he is already in the game

Even though technically Zatanna first appeared ina bat book she really isnt a Bat character and can be a lot of fun to play, also different skins for her would be nice (pre52/new 52)

I voted I voted BLACK MANTA adds another much needed villain in the game,

I could only vote once but if i could vote twice I also would've voted Animal Man even when he was in vertigo made occasional appearences in the DCU
now he is completley in the DCnU. a great addition with that much needed diversity, also midnight would bring the wildstorm diversity with just him alone. he is more well known now.

but an honorable mention is FIRESTORM! how is he not on the list, Killer frost is in the game but Firestorm isnt!?! lmao
that's almost as bad as Blackheart being in MvC2 and Ghost Rider wasn't lol
on top of that Firestorm would be a great technical/ranged fighter he could do many things you can definitely make a fun moveset with what he can do.