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So, I just recently got into comics and I would like to have some suggestions of some good ones. I have read the Y the last man, a friend of mine lent me his and I fell in love with it I just couldn't put them down, and I also have read vol 1 of saga. I want to get into superheroes, but I have no idea where to start. The heroes I'm interested in are Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, and The X-Men. Also, anything similar to Y The Last Man or Saga. Comics like those that will have a definite ending. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

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As far as excellent comics with a definite ending...

  • All-Star Superman
  • Batman: The Killing Joke
  • Final Crisis
  • Flex Mentallo: Man of Muscle Mystery
  • Identity Crisis
  • Pax Romana
  • Rising Stars
  • Superior
  • Wanted
  • Watchmen
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Superhero (a little loose term for some of these) comics with definite endings:
Ex Machina (from the same writer as Y and Saga)


The Spectre



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@valentino93: I don't know if there's anything really like Saga or Y: The Last Man, but anything published by Vertigo is probably your best bet for non heroic type comics. Something like Preacher, or Scalped, Or Ex Machina... jeez, there are a million Vertigo ones.

To plug you into the super hero side of things, and since you like Y and Saga, i would probably recommend the New 52 Swamp Thing, Animal and Justice League Dark titles. They are all new starts with issue 1 (available in collected volumes now) and they are heroic, but still have the sensibilities of the books you like. Batman: The Killing Joke and All Star Superman are definitive stories for those characters and the recent New 52 relaunch of Wonder Woman has been consistently awesome.

There are a million more suggestions i'd be happy to share, though i hope these helped. If you have any more questions feel free to let me know :)

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x10000. I cannot recommend this enough. Also, Gail Simone's Secret Six and the Hush arc of Batman, or A Serious House on a Serious Earth may be up your alley?

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Thank you guys. I have read Watchmen and enjoyed it very much. Sandman looks interesting and so does ex machina. Any good Spiderman, or Superman comics for some one new. Also can I just jump into Justice Leauge or should I start with the trade paperback?

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@valentino93: I have somewhat limited Superman experience. As cliche as it is, my favorite storyline of his is "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way".

As far as Spidey goes, I got my start reading the Revelations arc, which immediately followed the universally panned Clone Saga. I enjoyed it though, it's a very emotionally trying storyline for Peter and all those close to him.

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@valentino93 said:

Also can I just jump into Justice Leauge or should I start with the trade paperback?

The first arc (Origin) might be worth picking up if you're into Jim Lee's art; he's one of the best in the industry, but it's not as solid as his previous work on the characters given the atrocious costume redesigns. The second arc (The Villain's Journey) you could certainly afford to skip.

Tony Daniels drew a two issue story (#13 & #14) featuring the Cheetah that you should pick up on Comixology, which is followed immediately by Reis' debut in the Throne of Atlantis crossover (#15-17) that's absolutely a must buy. You're safe skipping #18, which is a filler issue, but definitely jump back on with #19, the most recent issue and easily the best to date.

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@valentino93: Any paperback of Green Lantern with Geoff John's name on it is worth every penny

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Much appreciated.