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So I am pretty new to comics infact i have only really have read, The Boys and Sandman along with a few issues of Grimm Fairy Tales. I figured if any place would have a good idea on what I should focus on reading next on my iPad, it seems this is it. The main things I am looking for is anything that seems more book like and less "comicy" rather it has the feel of Twlight or Hunger Games or A Game Of Thrones; all of which I have read and loved. Other than Sandman I am not really sure if there other series out there that same kind of feel. But would love to read more as until recently those two comics i never really thought of comics could tell a deeper story. So any suggestions would be great and looked into as my next "to read"

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If you're looking for something poetic that will completely throw you off guard I'd read Greg Rucka's Punisher #1-16

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Thanks! and I'll look into it(just in case the Punisher does have this) but really I'm looking for stuff that also mixes in drama and romance as well. Violence is fine but what I most enjoyed about The Boys was the whole romantic angle that the series had along with the usual violence; same thing with A Game Of Thrones which had violence and mature themes but also lots of drama and romance as well. Any suggestions like that?

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Based upon your description above I can wholeheartedly suggest Fables and it's spin-offs Jack of Fables, Cinderella, and Fairest.

I recommend them because you have already read and enjoyed other Vertigo titles as well as Grimm Fairy Tales. The Fables Universe is entertaining in it's own right but it also offers something for the person who loves literature much like Sandman did/does.

Fairest basically just started so it is a good place to jump on and everything has been collected into trade paperbacks so catching up would be easy as well. I'm not sure how effective Vertigo has been on the digital front but I'm guessing they are fairy forward thinking in that regard.

Good Luck!

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All of those seem to be exactly what i am looking for; attually found Fairest digitily and now looking forward to reading them. Though Fables seems like is a long running series so hoping I can find one of those large tome things that Sandman had when I checked it out of the library. Not sure how common those giant tome like collections are in comics but sure makes it easier when trying to read such a large ongoing series. If anyone has any other amazing suggestions as well I'd love to hear more in the same style as Grimm and Fables and Sandman. Really anything non superhero/action i'd be willing to check out. Also any that feature a female lead character in the story would be a bonus as well. (ps: Sorry for the lack of spacing seems the fourm dosnt play nice with the iPad)