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Hi everyone !

I found this pic of Iron Man 3's filming :

So there's nothing really new, but I wanted to know your feelings about this.

How do you think this Iron Patriot is gonna be introduced ? I know about Marvel Studios "borrowing" the rights from Sony to make Oscorp appear in the movie, but... This armor is supposed to be Osborn "taking over" after Secret Invasion, and during Dark Reign.

What do you think about the looks of the armors ? I say Iron Patriot's not bad, though I'm waiting to see how it will lok like in the movie, with post-production effects and all...

I'm not a big fan of the looks of the "Extremis" armor either. I loved the Extremis arc, both for the story and the art, and since Granov himself drew the Extremis armor and is designing movies armors, I find it pretty weird that it's so different from the comic one.

But I guess there's a lot to come, I mean we're not even close to the movie's release, maybe this could just be a transitory armor, what do we know ?

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They both look good to me. I'm kind of effy on Iron Patriot being in the movie. Why bring Norman in? He supposed to be a Spider-Man villain. :/

When is Mandarin going to get the spot light he deserves?

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Iron Patriot is the new armor for Rhody in the film. You can see the USAF logos on it. Norman Osborn isn't involved at all.

I like the designs but Iron Man is a little more yellow than I'd prefer. I look forward to seeing how these look on film.