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Hi all.

Its been a while since Marvel vs DC came out. (1996). and it got me thinking about new characters facing up to one another or maybe charatcers who now would be better suited to fight each other.

I thought of Robin (Damien) vs X-23, or maybe Deathstroke vs Daken.

Any ideas.

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@lordgawain: I've heard Daken is dead.

I'd prefer Bullseye vs. Deathstroke.

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@lordgawain: No offense, but Damian vs X-23 is a massive stomp. And from the little I know about Daathstroke, so is Deathstroke vs Daken.

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@knighthood: I dont read that much marvel, so dont know

@TheCannon: None taken. was just thinking in my little head. thought i would throw it out there and see if anyone had thought of anyone else