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Yesterday, Marvel revealed another teaser, "Infamous," and today we see what that entails: A Magneto solo. Written by Fearless Defenders writer Cullen Bunn, with art by Gabriel Walta, Magneto will followed Erik as he singlehandedly goes out into the world to fight mutant prejudice by himself.

New broke over at USA Today, where Bunn had this to say: "Magneto should be seen as some kind of monster by the world at large. When he cuts loose, cities tremble. He might stand by the heroes from time to time, but he's terrifying for the average person. He's out there -- wandering about, waiting -- but sooner or later he's going to strike and when he does, chaos erupts. Magneto is cloaked in that sense of fear and dread."

Magneto will be launching in March as a part of Marvel's All New NOW! wave of titles and will be $3.99

CBR posted an article on this early today. Here's a link.

I think I'll be giving this one a pass. I really don't like Walta's art style and the $4 price isn't changing my mind. Given that Cullen Bunn's last two ongoings were cancelled recently, Fearless Defenders and Venom, I'm not sure he was the best choice for writing either. It just seems like they're setting this title up for failure, which is a shame because Magneto definitely deserves a solo title.

I think the big question is: Does this mean Magneto is leaving the Uncanny Rebels, or will he be pulling double-duty in both titles. I have to wonder, if Magneto does stay on Uncanny will the actions of his solo effect the team, or will this be like Uncanny Avengers, were it takes place in its own self-contained world and nothing that happens is mentioned anywhere else.

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Still not used to him being bald, but I do think it works as a thematic nod to Xavier and his desire to carry on the dream so to speak.

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I think somebody called this yesterday, so well done to them.

The cover looks pretty cool.

Edit: Wait, no word on the price? It says $3.99 on the cover.

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I hope he hunts Nazis......

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That's pretty interesting

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oh yeah *kool aid man voice*

the cover looks fantastic. i love seeing magneto bald and with his barb wire "crown" on, simply fantastic.

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We be imfamous, you heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers

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Awesome can't wait.

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That cover is simply full of awesome.

If it's $4 then I'm going to say no. I just can't afford another comic at that price. I will probably pick up the trades though.

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YES!!! MAGNETO TITLE!!! YES!!!!! I am so excited!!! Not completely sold on the art or the fact that he's been bald for some time (though I guess it's a nod to Xavier and his dream) but I'm SO EXCITED!

(Note: If you guys actually read the cover of the issue in that image it clearly says "3.99" which means the title is $3.99)

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@v_scarlotte_rose: @arturocalakayvee: Sorry about that, I posted this and then realized I was late for school so I didn't have time to proofread or anything. I'm editing it now, but thanks for letting me know about the price.

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Sure, I'd be interested in reading this. Given that Banner's currently working with SHIELD, I need my 'incredibly powerful fugitive trying to blend in with normal people and failing, resulting in untold destruction' fix.

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Great news! Definitely buying!

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Why not.

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Apparently I missed a piece of concept art that Walta did of Magneto:

It's basically the same thing as his Uncanny Costume, just the colours are reversed. Still, it's very striking and fits with the tone the book seems to be going for. Definitely a cool piece of concept art.

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I truly can't wait for this one....