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Slight sneak peak. I'm adding issues and summaries now if anyone wants to help out as I go. We'll turn the tab on in a couple hours when I'm done.

Also, if anyone has any new issues they added this week feel free to point them to me and i'll get them spotlighted here. New being defined as something that hit the stores specifically this week (Monday or later).

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K, this is now live in the top tabs. Let us know what you think.

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nice. added.

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This is A great Idea !! And a great way to keep comicvine up to date.

Love it !!

I'll add up as soon as I grab my pull list for this week (won't be much since every Marvel issue I buy is released by Marvel France in french, with approximately one year of difference with you guys... Which is why I add issues of 1 year earlier for Marvel to the DB)

Don't talk to me about Civil War !!!

It hasn't happened yet !!

I already know too much !!
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