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Hi all,

I'd just like to announce a new comic series called "Chicken Outfit" we're developing. We're excited to announce we've set up the very first issue on indieGoGo for backers to get involved early and receive the comic as well as some limited-to-indiegogo-contribution swag for helping out! I've included the synopsis below as well as our press release.

Chicken Outfit is a different kind of comic, a serious mediation on technology and every day life told through odd characters in weird outfits. We're looking for readers of horror, sci-fi and pitch black humor!

Drop by and see our comic trailer and tell us what you think.

Thanks for everyone's time!


Rusty McDoodle is having a rough go of freelancing. His web clients aren’t paying, his girlfriend left him and he’s getting tired of working in a vacuum. His best friend Stan offers employment along side him at Xber Xabre, a web-design company, but after hearing Stan’s stories over the years, Rusty is wary about toiling away in a virtual sweat-shop run by a maniacal boss and his dog-like cronies.

Rusty and Stan soon discover that not only are their souls are being sucked dry by the respective internet jobs they’ve shackled themselves to, but by a force more sinister and Machiavellian than anything they could have imagined. Their worlds will become engulfed by epic chaos, a life or death battle in a world of douchebags and demons. With the help of an alcoholic psychic and his fishing buddy, the boys try to uncover the truth lurking behind the bluish glow of their workstation monitors.

Press Release

Press Release

Also, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.