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Sadly, I don't read Green Lantern nearly as much as I want to. I just want to ask a few questions though.

  1. I see that all of the main GLs are in space (except Hal in the JL book, but that doesn't count). Within the GL line of books, do you think it would've been a good idea to have an Earth-based series?
  2. I kind of wish the main four had their own series, instead of squeezing John and Guy in the same book (even though that book is my favorite GL book post-Flashpoint). Each book would focus on the specific Lantern, and better show off why your favorite human GL is BA, instead of giving one an arc after the other. Do you think the market would be kind to have each of the main four with their own series?
  3. What do you guys think about the fifth human GL? i quite like him. Kudos to DC for trying as hard as they can to paint the picture of the world.

Those are my questions. Tell me what you think!

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1) i like the fact that the GL's are in different planets it mixes alot things but it would be kinda cool because the people earth do know who the GL's are.

2) I disagree with you because i loving see Guy and John together ( there both of my favorite lanterns)in one comic, there the GL's that actual have a good friendship but i do like that hal and kyle have their own series.

3) For now i like the new fifth Earth GL i just hope DC doesnt kill anyone important just so he can fill in. But will see when Third army comes around in acouple of months. nice Fourm also

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@LanternCorpsGuy: Thank you for your response, and your effort in taking it seriously. Yeah, John and Guy are my favorite lanterns. I am glad that they both got their own books, I believe they might focus more on Guy starting in October, since for the duration of the first new 52 year, all eyes have been on John. I just hope they can do achieve some awesome stuff, as I am not a fan of DC's "Hal is better than everyone else because he's Hal, but Kyle might be stronger than him" mentality. All human Lanterns should be equally strong.

I agree with you that it is cool that they mix it up, and put people in space. I just feel that if your book takes place on earth, the stakes are higher, and the themes are much more real, because these are real people, a chance for readers to relate to something they read in the book. But I guess that kind of happened in the pages of JL.

Thanks for the kind words as well.

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@Twentyfive: i agree with you about the Hal jordan thing.

and it would be a great idea of all four GL in one series about living in earth trying to be normal and be in the spotlight of being a GL and what different obstacles they have to go thru about being a GL and how they affect the people around them see if they even like each other as being GL working together

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1 - yes, it would be cool

2 - no, Im not a fan of John and I hate Guy so Im glad they are in the same series, that's why I dont pick up GL corps

3 - what fifth human GL????

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  1. Awesome.
  2. Oh well, that's you.
  3. Find out in GL #0
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@Twentyfive: Is it coming out soon or is it already out?

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@Jorgevy: GL 0, as with all the other 0 issues, is coming out in September. Meaning, NO story progression during September. Just some backstory/filler.

Some issues like Batwing and Batwoman have no business coming out with an issue 0 lol. GL 0 deals with the origins of a new GL, who is (brace yourself) an Arabic man. I quite like him so far. He will probably be the leader in this ;third army' He was seen in the GIANT Jim Lee splash where every hero is fighting one another. He was the one that got hit with a support beam by Superman. Look it up.

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@Twentyfive: you mean the Trinity War teaser? I didn't noticed it then. Seems quite interesting, Id like to dig into the perspective of an Arabic man and the whole DC cosmic world

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@Jorgevy: He has a tatoo in Arabic that when translated into English means 'Courage'. Or Will, if you will. That was nice of Johns, and DC if you ask me.

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@Twentyfive: wait, is Geoff Johns involved? as in, is he gonna write the character?

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@Jorgevy: You bet he is. He is the GL writer. And the new Lantern debuts in GL 0 this September.