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Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong section. But im really new to comics, ive always been interested in them but never jumped in them because of the ongoing series. The new 52 was the first time ive bought comics and ive been religiously going every weekend since. i got a lot of the new series marvel and DC has released but the only indie comic (i believe it's indie) i got is Spawn. The comic shop i go to has an alright selection of the indies, got some Image. Darkhorse, and BOOM i beleive. I was just wondering what are some good series i should check out or look for in the indie comics? that new Debris comic looks really cool and ill probably be gettin that, And jump into the walking dead series. Any suggestions would be appreciated tho.

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Saga (Image) and The Spider (Dynamite).

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I'm really enjoying Invincible, Chew, Saga, Hell Yeah. and The Activity. There's also a series that will soon be continued called Gladstone's School for World Conquerors, and it is great.

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Awesome thanks ill go look into them this weekend.

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Walking Dead, Thief of Thieves, Any Mark Millar comic

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The Goon, B.P.R.D./Hellboy

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I'm gonna second Hellboy.

Also, it's not an ongoing, but look for the Umbrella Academy. You can get it in two trades.

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Saga been pretty good. Its an adult comic though.

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Saga is great and if you like heavy lifting grab the Walking Dead compendiums and just try and get the back issues, that should keep you busy!!!

I am fairly new to comics too so I am going to check out some others named above!

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Invincible. I cannot recommend it enough.

I also recommend Walking Dead, Saga, and The Spider.

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Great recommendations so far. I'd also add on:

Lady Mechanika

Carbon Grey (Volume 2)



I'll post more later if I can think of any. Good luck.