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Which will be the better team title?

I plan to get all these and i have already read Thunderbolts issue 1, and it was a setup so i cannot really pick anything that i can see the direction going in other than weak setup. But i see SOME potential for it to be one of the better titles.

But I ask you're opinions which title are you most excited for and which title do you think will have the most success in terms of actual story, quality, team chemistry etc.

Here's my rank in expectations"

1. New avengers - better concept, crazy chemistry given namor and BP together and doctor strange , and great to have beast on the roster, reppin' the X-men!( YEAH!)

2. Cable and the X force - This title had me at "Cable." Cable is in my top 5 X-men of all time. And I like how this X-title will matter just as much as Uncannny Avengers, Im hoping cable will have a huge role in the Marvel Universe. Im hoping Hopeless gets the writting right for this title, I don't want to see any of these characters buried, I like domino alot as well.

Art is pretty cool, but not too happy about the costumes.

3. Thunderbolts - Yep, this is the title im least excited for, but will continue buying simply because i am a fanboy for each character on this team! Hoever the creative team is another story, Im hoping the creative team will change , at least just the ART. The art is so mediocore i had trouble reading it through lol The writting is nothing special, in fact its mediocore as well but ill buy the title just as long as i see my favoorite characters iin action with good art work.