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So I was just listening to the new podcast and it got me thinking. Could the new 52 reverse flash in fact be wally west? Am I just being a moron with this or does this theory have some kind of footing? And if so, then what would yall think of him joining the outlaws? Seeing as he, like jason and roy, are former "sidekicks" (sort-of) as well. Again if you feel this theory is asinine I apologize.

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I feel this theory is asinine, but there's no need to apologize.

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Horrible theory. But it's alright.

If anything, it has to be Dr. Elias or Daniel West. But if you look at the way this Reverse Flash talks, it's less proper. Less grammatically correct.

So I'd say Daniel West.

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Totally Iris West

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It's Barney Allen, Barry's long lost evil twin.

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I think it is eobard thawne