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Hello to All! I am a Batman fanatic. I have read any and every batman oriented book I could get my hands on. With that being said, I will be using my blog to review and post my thoughts on the Bat-family universe. From time to time I will review other books within the DC mythos. I am not a fan of the superman books in the new 52, I like superman and I enjoy his place in the DC multiverse, but I prefer a much more grounded story telling. Mind you in no way do I feel a grown man dressed as a Bat grounded, but it is closer to the ground than an alien from another planet.

My passion for Batman started when I was around 7-8, watching the old Adam West tv shows, then to Tim Burton's movie, and then Batman tas. But, it was only within the past 3-4 years that I have fallen in to reading the comics. I was bed ridden with an injury and need something to do and with Nolan's second film coming out, I decided that I should probably read the source material. This lead me to read just about every major story arc in the batman mythos, a large number of graphic novels and one shots, and almost every comic ever written including most of the bat-family series. Meaning Robin, Nightwing, etc.

With that being said, I am in no way a bat expert. There is still more I need to read and reread. But, in the mean time I would like to share my thoughts and opinions in the hopes of finding like minded individuals to talk shop with. By the way I am not limited to just a Batman conversation. I do read a good portion outside batman and I am currently reading almost all of the New 52.

I won't be reviewing pre flashpoint material, but will use it to reference from time to time. I also will only review arcs as a whole. I personally cannot review a story. I like to read the story through completely before passing judgment.

Lastly, please go easy on me. I am doing this for the first time. We all have to start somewhere and I would love some constructive critism on my reviews/posts. With that being said, I have a few post ideas to start with. "Why Tim Drake needs his own series" and "Is Joker wearing Joe Chill's mechanic suit?" and I am going to start my first review with Nightwing. The Court of Owls was fantastic, but Batman in and of itself gets a ton of reviewing. I am not going to mess with Mr Scott Snyder. He has been fantastic on his work of batman, swamp thing, American Vampire. I hope he never leaves.

With all that being said. Thank you for reading I hope you like it and follow me. I hope I get to talk to other like minded fans on hear. Have a great New Years!