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Anybody know the approximate ages of the New 52 characters?

I know its pretty unimportant, but its something I wonder about when I see Supes treating Superboy like kid, or when Cassie talks about her purely sexual relationship across the world with Diesel. So, I just wanted to get a better grasp on their relative/ approximate ages. And how old would Superman have been when he started the heroing business? or the Justice League when they fought Darkseid through the streets.

Sorry if this is a repost, I used the search, but there were no results.

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Most of the super heroes seem to be out of college already and working but they are supposed to be mostly young and looking for mates. The Teen Titans are maybe still in school ?

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Batman late 20's

Superman 26 I think

Wonder Woman is 23 or 24

Flash is in his 20's probably 25

GL is in his mid 20's

Cyborg is 22

I think all of the teen titans are in their late-teens except for the flash and he's 15

Supergirl is going to graduate school before the planet blew up and that makes her 17/18

Superboy is only a few years old but he acts like he's in his late-teens.

Batgirl and NightWing are said to be 21 and Damien is like 10.I think.If I had to guess, Redhood is 21 like Batgirl and Nightwing.

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Thats what im thinking. Supes is maybe 22/23 and Superboy is 16/17? Therefore, Supes would be about Superboys age when he started?

But that really creeps me out about WonderGirl in that case, call me old fashioned, I know.

Edit: BTW, I should add its not her having sex at that age that weirds me out, its how shes like an old Sex and the City hag about it.

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The 2 Firestorms are still in school. When Firestorm was created by Gerry Conway, he was still in school bec he was patterned after the early Peter Parker. Static also still in school and also patterned after early Peter Parker.

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@moywar700: I missed your post when I posted my response to @colonyofcells,

And yeah, I know Superboy isnt that old, I just meant the age of his body.

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Superman is 27, he'd be about 22 when he hit the scene. Superboy appears to be 16-18. Cassie about the same.

At the time of Darksied's invasion. Supes would be about 22, Wonder Woman was 18, Aquaman and Batman were ~ 25 Cyborg was 17 or 18. Flash and GL I have no idea.

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Their various ages are either "whatever the story calls for" or "don't worry too much about all that".