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Tell me what you guys think:

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@haydenclaireheroes: You and I are on the same page with pretty much everything. So refreshing to see someone share my views :)

  • You can't really go wrong with a Bat-title. I've been reading Batman, Batman and Robin, 'Tec, Nightwing, Red Hood, Batwoman and Batgirl. Batwing has been enjoyable to hop into every now and then. Winick made that great and I'm sure Fabian will continue as such.
  • Green Lantern I absolutely love. I'm reading all those aside from Red Lanterns which I dropped after issue seven.
  • Superman titles I have been reading on a kinda wait for sale based approach :)
  • Totally excited for Lemire's Green Arrow! Ollie needs some love after this horrid blank slate.
  • I think Teen Titans has been slowly getting better with Fabian Nicieza now doing the dialogue. I've flipped through a couple issues in the LCS every now and then. Still have yet to see something that justifies picking it back up though. I COMPLETELY AGREE with your opinion on it. Entirely different people now! I stopped at the same point you did; The Cullening left a bad taste in my mouth.
  • Shazam backups are the best thing about the Justice League book. Though Justice League of America might be more my style since it has Martian Manhunter.
  • Aquaman has been solid as has Flash. Love how those are going.

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I completely disagree on Barbara that changed "for the best", she changed for the worst, the very worst possible