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What do you think about DC's new 52? IMO: The Superman is a bit of a let down so far. Aquaman and Green Lantern are great! No contact yet with Wonder Woman, Flash, or others.

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For me, it's a mixed bag with more negatives than positives. There are a lot of good titles and there are a lot of meh titles. The thing that gets me raging the most are the continuity errors, erasing of character histories, mischaracterization, bad costumes, and just plain stupid decisions DC has made. The relaunch just feels like a rushed, jumbled mess. Overall, I think that if it were better thought out and better planned, it could've been a great move for DC, long-time fans, and new readers. Right now, it just feels like it was a great move for DC and new readers.

Now it's time for books I enjoy/have enjoyed:

  • Action Comics
  • All-Star Western
  • Animal Man
  • Aquaman
  • Batman
  • Batman and Robin
  • Batman Inc.
  • Batwing
  • Batwoman
  • Deathstroke (up until Liefeld jumped on)
  • Dial H
  • Earth 2
  • The Flash
  • Green Lantern
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Grifter
  • I, Vampire
  • Justice League
  • Justice League Dark
  • Nightwing
  • OMAC
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws
  • Stormwatch
  • Swamp Thing
  • Voodoo
  • Wonder Woman
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Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Nightwing, Batman and Robin, I Vampire, Swamp Thing, Animal Man and RHATO have all been fantastic.

Action Comics started out strong, but has lost steam IMO

Superman was a let down from the start, I dropped it after the first issue.

I'm hearing good things about Batwoman, Batwing, Superboy and Suicide Squad. I might pick those up sometime.

There are plenty of flops too, like Green Arrow and Justice League... but I think for the most part, more good came out of the New 52 than bad.

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It's all good, except a few things I dont like, like Pseudo PG, or too much Bat titles. But otherwise, nice, really nice

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Some of my favourite titles pre-52 became those "meh, I'll read that one later" titles but the opposite is also true. Action Comics is painful to get through at times and while I hadn't been a huge Batman fan in the last couple of years most of the Bat-books are incredibly entertaining. I'm glad DC decided to cancel some of the titles to bring new ones in though instead of just stock piling new titles until it gets out of proportion again. 52 titles at once is a good number (I have 28 on my pull list) so that there's something for everybody.

I still have no interest in Green Arrow though, nothing they can do about that.

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I actually like Superman and Supergirl. I'm also really into Nightwing and Batgirl. I've only read a few Aquaman issues, but it's really good, so I'll probably get more into it. Batman was a let down for me.

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My favorites in this order:


2-Green Lantern

3- Batman


5-Justice League(solely based on Jim Lee's art.)


7- Wonder Woman

8-Batman and Robin


10-Action Comics(This is only here because Superman is my favorite DC character. Otherwise this title is a big disappointment for me.)

There are a ton of titles that I want to read, but haven't gotten a chance to pick up. There are a lot of good titles in my opinion. There are also several mediocre ones too, I'm looking at you Dan Jurgens and George Perez. You've made Superman painful to read and that's hard to achieve with me.

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@The_Tree: You like Grifer??? That series went down hill after issue three. It made weird story choices.

@AweSam: I love Batgirl and Nightwing. I hop the start to cross over more in the future. Aquaman is amazing. It gets better with every issue. You owe it to yourself to catch up. It's DC's best title in my opinion and I didn't like Aquaman until recently.

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Aquaman, and what I have read of Earth 2

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@cc1738: I know, I feel like I'm the only one who does. I really enjoy Nathan Edmondson's writing, the art is great, I love Cole Cash, and the action is fun. While I think the book has dropped a bit in quality since Liefeld hopped on as the writer, it's still pretty good. I'm just glad he's not doing the interior art.

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@The_Tree: I agree the art is really good. Scott Clark can draw some amazing sequences. I stopped reading after issue 8. I got really frustrated with it. I didn't like some of the side characters and the line is issue six where the one character(I forget her name) made the comment about the ship and wrenches when she tried to blow it up, I lost it. Single dumbest line I've ever read in a comic. It was so bad.

I also hate Liefield so I didn't give him a chance when he took over. I'm honestly disappointed I didn't like it more because I really like Cole Cash and anything that involves Wildcats characters.

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@AweSam said:

I actually like Superman and Supergirl. I'm also really into Nightwing and Batgirl. I've only read a few Aquaman issues, but it's really good, so I'll probably get more into it. Batman was a let down for me.

BATMAN was a let down? Jesus, that's the best series of the New 52, some would say!

I'm big on Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Deathstroke, Catwoman, Teen Titans, and in general I've enjoyed the few issues I have of Supergirl.

Superman is kind of ehh... But I've only got two issues.

Batman, I have every issue except for issue 2 (because my comic book store was retarded and ordered me the wrong issue), read them all, some of them multiple times, love it.

Deathstroke is pretty okay, but I'm nervous about Liefield, I've heard awful things about him; I hope he doesn't make Deathstroke beat Lobo, that'd just be silly (I only have Deathstroke issues 1-4 I believe, planning on getting more later).

Catwoman is pretty awesome, she's cute in an endearing way, sexy, and deadly, all at once. I wasn't a big fan of the ending of issue 1, it seemed far too graphic, but other than that, no major issues; the comic is supposed to be a little bit gritty and inappropriate anyway, she's not exactly Bruce Wayne, she routinely flirts with the darker side of Gotham, so it's pretty well written for that. It also makes you wonder, just what kind of influence is Batman having, if things in Gotham can still be so bad..?

Batgirl's pretty cool, even though I'm not big on the character herself, she just seems... I'm not sure, more casual, more "normal" than the rest of the Bat family? She doesn't really stand out except for her "eidetic" memory, which she often makes a point to point out, almost to the point of bragging to the reader. I find her a little annoying sometimes, but the stories are pretty good.

Nightwing is awesome, just great all around stories, characters, art and everything. Nothing really wrong with it.

Teen Titans are pretty cool, I'm wishing that the Ravagers didn't make Beast Boy red, but whatever; when he joins the Teen Titans, if he ever does, and if he's still red, I'll be a little less inclined to pick up the issues. As well I'm kind of at a loss as to some of the character changes that have been made, such as what the HELL happened to Solstice to make her... IDK what she is lol. But it's not terrible.

Supergirl's just a fun comic so far but I've only got a couple issues of that as well; I have other assorted issues of some New 52 series but I don't feel that they're worth mentioning, except that I enjoyed Red Hood's part of the Night of Owls, and I thought Batwing was kind of bland.

Oh, I also enjoy Batman and Robin, I've got issues 9 and 10 of it (or 10 and 11... YOU HAVE FAILED ME, BRAIN) and it's pretty good from what I can tell.

Anyway. Do any of you have any opinions on the New 52 series' Batwing, Batman Inc., Superman, Superboy, Earth 2, and Detective Comics?

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Aquaman and Swamp Thing have been absolutely badass.

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I'm loving the New 52. Sure there are some titles that suck and there some continuity issues, but the same could be said about the Pre-New 52 DC universe. Over all I think the relaunch was a success.

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It's fantastic...except for Superman and Green Arrow...which are major disappointments.

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overall it's a disappointment...all of the breakout titles could have been done without the reboot...add in all the headaches of poor editorial control and the fact that they've already retconned things....yeah...disappointment

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I like the relaunch, I think for the most part DC is better than it was Pre-52. My favorites are Batman and Batman Inc. Some more good/decent comics are Catwoman (although I'm not excited for the new writer) Green Lantern, Aquaman, Justice League, Nightwing, and I thought Action Comics started pretty decent but apparently it's gone downhill...

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@YMCMB: Oh yeah, I read the Justice League Origins book... Looks pretty cool, but it seemed a bit rushed. It was like "lolbatman, then... GREEN LANTERN OUT OF NOWHERE LOLZ.. And then... and then... DARKSEID TROLOL"

Anyway, I thought it was interesting.. But rushed a lot. It went from normal day at the office to alien tech and mystical new superheroes in one issue, then in the span of another what, 6 issues, went to "the universe is about to implode oh no". It felt really surreal.

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I think it is good. It is a good introductory to new readers who don't know where to start but then it can get confusing.

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swamp thing has been in my opinion the best book DC is putting out right now.i just couldnt get into batman so i dropped it after the 2nd issue. i like batman and robin.havent read aquaman but im hearing good things about it. action comics was awesome at the beginning but issues 11 and 12 were huge dissapointments the johnny clark thing only lasted one issue which i thought was pretty stupid.i havent read superman(based on what im hearing im glad i havent).animal man is awesome.i think the relaunch is a sucess when it comes to DC's lesser known charecters.

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Swamp Thing has been awesome. Animal Man, Batman, and Nightwing have also been great. Green Lantern and Justice league have been respectable.

I dropped Hawkman, Deathstroke, and Green Arrow between issues 8 and 9 I think as they were extremely disappointing.

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Can someone tell me Aquaman and JL titles to buy (I have JL origins), and if possible a link to buy them (preferably amazon)

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i feel that firestorm and captain atom have been really cool. earth 2 is growing on me also. very let down by the de-powering of superman. all in all i feel that it' dc's version of marvel's ultimate line. anybody else?

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