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Looking for some suggestions for new comics, not from DC or Marvel (and by that extension, no Vertigo either). Here's a list of what I'm already reading:

  • Morning Glories
  • Mind the Gap
  • Invincible
  • Harbinger
  • Red Sonja

I'm most interested in books that have some interesting/strong female leads, not really picky on the genre. Also, don't suggest Saga... I've already given that a chance and wasn't too fond of it.

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@captainhoopla: That's written by Rucka? Well there's a reason right there to give it a try.

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Rachel Rising?

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The new TMNT, The Wake, Doomsday, AND SAGA

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East of West, while the lead isn't female there are quite a few strong females who pop up in the story.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

Anyone have any more?

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IDW's TMNT ongoing is awesome, a good jumping on point would be on the arc City Fall or you can start on issue #1, issue 1 is free on comixology check it out!

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@jwalser3 said:

The new TMNT, The Wake, Doomsday, AND SAGA

SAGA is so good, it was recommended to me by my LCS owner and I have been hooked since. I don't collect the monthly's since my pull list is already to long and I don't need to add more lol but I love the trades and have read them both multiple times.

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@nico4ever: is red sonja a good series? I've read about 2 issues and it was pretty interesting.