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So I'm only reading Marvel and DC but I am a huge fan of star wars which is currently published by Dark Horse. What are all the current Star Wars comic books, what are they about and which is the best? Also what are some other great must have comic books outside of DC and Marvel.

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Dude, look up the issues and plot summaries.

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@Nightflash:  Man! You are in luck! Brian Wood just started writing Star Wars for Dark Horse! Brian Woods is one of my hands down favorite writers, and I hear he is killing it on that title. He just put out one comic so far on the series, so its not going to be to hard finding back issues. From what I heard a lot of comics shops are getting second prints of his Star wars #1. I would check that out......
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If you like fun space operas, you got to get Saga. You can pick up the first six issue in trade for around five dollars on instocktrade.com. I warn you though, once you read Saga, you might not care about Star Wars anymore.....