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Hey, can one of you guys (or anyone else) please describe the double image issue bug? Is it only happening with new issues added?

Trying to track that one down. If there's any other annoying bugs please let LAMP know. We're back from a week off and want to clear that stuff up.

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Do you mean where the same image is uploaded twice?

I don't know why that happens, there doesn't seem to be anything in common with the issues I've come across that have two images of the exact same cover other than it usually happens in the same series. I don't think its new issues either b/c I found it on a couple series that no one had edited yet from the 90s.

The worst bug so far is submitting a new issue & getting the approval pm but it doesn't post right or something and having to resubmit it.

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K, we'll look into it. Is that specifically with new issues or is it with new volumes?

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Neither as far as I can tell.

For example both the issues (before I added #4) of http://www.comicvine.com/comic/uncanny-origins/7197/ had two of the same cover, but it doesn't look like someone else submitted those. As far as I can tell thats the only time I found that problem, just from memory and glancing through my submission history.

My guess is it was just residual from whenever you guys uploaded all these issues initially, I haven't noticed it in new issues or volumes, I just added like 4 new volumes last night and they all look fine.

Maybe Le Francais has noticed something I haven't?

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In fact, I have just noticed this topic :)

stumbled upon a few issues with double covers, but it wasn't issues newly added, last i remember it was the Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset Volume, which I just edited and didn't add myself :


issues #3 4 5 6 had double covers.

it seems to be residual covers like Shatterstar said.

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I've got a theory- there was a period in the mid-90s where Marvel was releasing two versions of every issue one on glossy stock and the other on pulp (I guess, dunno what else to call it), same cover, just different price and paper. So maybe the issues that had that got 2 covers uploaded?

The Indigo Sunset thing completely kills that hypothesis but still...its a theory.
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