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I would like to get a creator owned title in trade and was hoping to get some suggestions on what series I should pick up. I honestly haven't paid to much attention to anything that isn't Marvel or DC so I don't know what series are good. I'm open to anything. Just nothing that is to old. I don't want to read something that is really dated.

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Welcome to the World outside The Big 2! I'm not being sarcastic it's always great when someone wants to expand what they are reading. Here are 3 of my top picks. All of them are current ongoing series so if you like the trades you can keep reading issue by issue.

Saga by Brain K Vaughn is one of my favorites every week and Image has been selling it for the ridiculously low price of ten dollars. It's not a superhero book (although Vaughn has plenty of experience writing them) and is most often compared to Star Wars. It's a sci-fi epic following a young couple trying to survive with their child during a civil war that has taken over pretty much all of civilization.

Revival is another Image comic that I have been loving. It's billed as rural horror noir and follows the police force of a small Wisconsin town as they cope with the recently dead having come back to life. It's not a zombie book because the people come back more or less normal although as you would expect their very existence starts to freak people out. Eight issues in and were still not sure if the book is dealing with aliens or demons or ghosts. It's been a crazy read.

If you were wanting something closer to a superhero comic I can not recommend Hellboy strong enough. I'm not sure if Mignolia technically owns the character or how he has arranged it with Dark Horse but the books are always on my must read list. The story follows a demon as he works to protect the world from other demons and the supernatural. One great thing about it is that you don't have to read the trades in any particular order. I would suggest Volume 3: The Chained Coffin and Others or Volume 5: The Conquerer Worm.

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@cc1738: Saga (ongoing), Manhattan Projects (ongoing), Umbrella Academy (collected in two trades, third series on the way), Chew (ongoing)

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Apparently I'm the one who ask you the question: In what kind of things are you into?

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@Billy Batson: I'm really open to try anything. I just want something that is a fun read. I know about a few comics. I obviously know about the Walking Dead (Refuse to read it because I like the show) and Saga(Looks a little weird. I saw the page with the tv heads having sex lol). But that's about it. I would prefer if it was in color too.

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@MSzekeresh: I'm a little nervous about trying Saga. It looks a little odd. lol. The concept sounds really cool and I'm a big sci-fi nerd. But I saw the tv headed people having sex in a preview and a few of the other things in it and was worried it would be over top strange.

Is the Hellboy comic like the movies? Because I really liked those.

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And Hellboy is awesome.
And if you're a sci-fi fan, try the current Prophet even though it's not a creator-owned but still an indie. Oh, and Metabarons.

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Madman by Mike Allred is mad fun, Hellboy is really really awesome, Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman is great if you like alternate history and sci-fi, and Fear Agent by Rick Remender is really great if you like pulp sci-fi, or even jus sci-fi in general.

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I obviously know about the Walking Dead (Refuse to read it because I like the show)

The show should be all the MORE reason to read the comic. You basically get to see all of the awesome gruesome stuff that they never could have showed on AMC without having to pay thousands to the FCC. It's also different enough so it won't spoil anything. Anyway, try Great Pacific. It's pretty good so far, and it's only on issue 5.

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I've actually been meaning to start a thread like this myself. I'd like to read a more adult story, but I'd like to get something that doesn't have an overabundance of sex and nudity.

Can anyone tell me more about Chew? I've heard it can be pretty humorous.

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Some really good creator owned titles:

1. Chew by John Layman (Image Comics)

2. Invincible by Robert Kirkman (Image Comics)

3. Saga by Brian K. Vaughan (Image Comics)

4. American Vampire by Scott Snyder (Vertigo Comics)

All of these comics are still currently running.