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Wats up guys. Okay so as you can tell by the title, I need a new comic to start reading. Right now I only read green lantern, red lanterns, justice league, and new guardians wen they come out on the volumes of 7 issues each. I'm thinking about picking up vol.3 of the justice league but havnt heard anything about it. Also really considering about getting aquaman or the flash since I heard they are both great but I was wondering if these are good picks or wat else is out there? I've always been interested in nightwing and Spider-Man but idk if they are worth reading. Same thing goes for justice leage America, justice leage dark, batman, thor or xmen. iAre these good picks to start reading or is there something better? Just curious wat the vine thinks. Thanks for your time.

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Aquaman - I didn't personally enjoy it but pretty much everybody else loves it. The art kind of looked dated to me.
Flash - It's really good. It has an excellent sense of balance between action and plain story. The art on the first volume is good, but it changes.
Batman - Pretty good. It got kind of boring IMO. The story arcs are good separately, but it focuses way, way too much on his past. Out of the three arcs in the series, two are about his beginnings. I've seen varying opinions on this one. Art is stellar.
Thor: God of Thunder - Just read the first volume tonight. The story is great and it leaves you in the dark. Artwork is a mix between realistic and comicish, leaning on comicish. Thor's bulging veins are a little strange.
Spider-Man - I don't know if you mean the character or Superior Spider-Man. I don't know much about either. I just started reading the character. Ultimate seems to be a popular place to get into him. Opinions on Superior have been very mixed, but I have no right to talk about it. If you didn't know, Peter Parker isn't Spidey in this one.
JLA Series, X-Men, Nightwing - I haven't read these. Most people seem to dislike JLA Dark.

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Batman is great, I'd reccomend Deadpool.... I've heard only good things about Thor! Have fun reading.

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Try out some Image or Valiant titles.

Saga, Invincible, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, etc.

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@concust: Like @dagmar_merrill said, Batman is great. Not one of my favorites but still a good read. And the current Zero Year arc would be a great place to start. Green Arrow and Daredevil have also been outstanding.

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A series that takes place during WW2 where the Nazis unleash superpowered soldiers. Eventually, the other nations get their hands on the power and create their own. By far, one of (if not the) best series I've ever read. It's still pretty new. They're on issue eight right now I believe.

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Pick up the Sage trades, there are 2 volumes out right now with a third coming out next year

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Try out some Image or Valiant titles.

Saga, Invincible, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, etc.

^This. Don't just stick to Marvel and DC. I recommend anything from Valiant but especially X-O Manowar and Quantum & Woody. Check these hardcovers from Valiant you might be interested in. They are great deals.




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Try out some Image or Valiant titles.

Saga, Invincible, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, etc.

This, also read TMNT and Earth 2

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Thanks for the ideas guys. Deffinitly gonna check some of these out

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Letter 44 is pretty good so far. And a TV series is in the works. Id hop on the bandwagon early if I were you. Lol

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First arc of Justice League Dark was the best. Under Lemire it's still good but more of your basic superhero book. It's been more magic oriented under DeMatteis and better, IMO.

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afterlife with archie.

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I agree with everyone else about checking out something other than the big 2. Valiant first volumes are only $10 and they're great.




XO Manowar

From Image check out



and East of West

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If you want a good Valiant series that you don't need to buy a lot of issues for, you should give Unity a look (only two issues so far).

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Invincible- my favourite book at the moment