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Whatdoya think?

I mean, he kinda looks like him.

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that one guy with that one song?

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I always wanted Steven Yeun to put on some weight in muscle and play Drake.

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No. Just no. How about god no.

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My top 3 would be

1. Mark Wahlberg

2. Nathan Fillion

3. Gerard Butler

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Absolutely. And this guy should play Ganondorf:

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Robin Thicke is gross

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@ccraft: All too old in my opinion.

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No just no. And as much as i love Nathan Fillion and i think he has the perfect personality for it he's just a bit too old for this part. I'd rather see Chris Pine or James Roday as him :)

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That's a big no no. Karl Urban or Tom Hardy anyone?

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Nathan Drake already has an actor that has always portrayed him: Nolan North.

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Lololol Robin Thicke? No

I'd love Nathan Fillion but I gotta say a really good Drake would be Jensen Ackles. Marky Mark had his shot with a video game based movie (Max Payne) and yeah that didn't work out to good. Gerard? Meh, idk.

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Hell no.

I want either Jensen Ackles or Patrick J Adams

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Nobody agrees with Steven Yeun?

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No. Get a better actor...