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Name a character that you feel deserves better treatment. Whether it be because you feel they've been subjected to bad stories, disrespected, underused or just unappreciated by people. Name the character and explain why they deserve better.

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I'm sure you keep making threads that exist. But then again, they probably sink to the depths of the forums. New 52 Tim Drake, Peter Parker and New 52 Superboy come to mind.

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New 52 Static.

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Static, Wonder Man, Gambit, Icon, Sentry, Blue Marvel, Cyborg(because he doesn't have a penis), Green Arrow, John Constantine, Tim Drake, Iron Fist, Vixen, Ms. Marvel, Gen13, Grifter, Adam Warlock, S.H.E.I.L.D.

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Tim Drake and the rest of the Teen Titans, every Milestone character.

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Black Bolt,Calvin Rose, Riddler, the Question, Peter Parker (holding out hope his return redeems everything Superior), and Sentry.

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Marvel should dust off the Ultraverse characters.

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All the D list characters, especially those with interesting powers.

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Donna Troy

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Riddler, Etrigan, Black Adam, Bleez, Harley Quinn (depending on how her new solo goes), Livewire, Killer Frost, Scandal Savage, Power Girl, Atlee, Misfit, Ragdoll, Creeper, Martian Manhunter, Catwoman.

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Harley Quinn. She may be an insane psychopath, but she deserves much better then how Joker treats her... :(

#12 Posted by i_like_swords (17633 posts) - - Show Bio

Deadpool. Constantly suffers from PIS, seen only as comic relief and nothing more, underestimated in battles, has the hardest time out of a lot of characters in comics, and looks like a corpse.

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I'd say majestic. I think it's a crime what dc has done to him. He had such a great platform for story telling. I want TI read about khera and the daeminites and Spartan and the kusar/cretion blades and Desmond etc. He deserves alot better than he's been treated.

Secondly I think superman has been sorely mistreated in the New 52. There have been a grand total of 6 good issues of superman in the new 52 IMO.

I also think the new gods deserve an ongoing with a great creative team.

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Skaar Son of Hulk - Needs better stories and better/more panel time. He is a Hulk with a unique ability and unique perspective. He is the most unique Hulk out there. Also seems like writers dont use all of his abilities or they do but they use them all at once as if he couldnt compete without going all out. Even though he has taken on the Hulk

Dick Grayson - While i think it is getting better now. They have torn a lot away from him that i think should be given back

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What a long list......too many characters.

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Tim Drake, Darkseid, Aquaman...

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Vision, he deserves his own comic.

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Juggernaut needs better treatment too. Fights with Juggernaut just shoes the new character their pushing strength level. He's become a benchmark.

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Hank Pym

#20 Posted by silkyballfro94 (2003 posts) - - Show Bio

Martian Manhunter

#21 Posted by NorrinBoltagonPrime21 (6469 posts) - - Show Bio

The Question

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Doctor Strange.

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Black Panther needs to be in more things.

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Deadpool and Bruce Banner have both had a pretty rough run.

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Batman, oh wait...he's practically a god now according to his die-hard fans

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The Question

The Vision

Peter Parker


#28 Posted by RustyRoy (14013 posts) - - Show Bio
  1. Flash.
  2. Shazam.
  3. Martian Manhunter.
  4. Captain Atom.
  5. Wonder Woman.
  6. The Question.
  7. Kyle Rayner.
  8. John Stewart.
  9. Damian Wayne.
  10. Talia.
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The Question. The New 52 screwed him so badly.................

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Shazam Skaar and Spidey lot of S' I see

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Iceman deserves better... i like his one liners, but i'd also like to see more of him (like Liu's recent iceman arc over in Astonishing X-men) The other would be Static Shock... where the hell is he now anyway?

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Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Lian Harper, Roy Harper, Helena Bertinelli [still angry about it], Lois Lane.

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Yes - yes, I am bitter.
Just... in general.

#34 Posted by judasnixon (7234 posts) - - Show Bio

The New Gods..... That is Jack Kirby's $#!%. Come on DC.......

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  • Tim Drake (Mishandled, Lobdell and DC editorial have taken a gigantic s### on him.)
  • Guy Gardner (Underappreciated.)
  • Booster Gold (Underappreciated.)
  • Cyclops (Horribly mishandled.)
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Shocker, Shazam, Hulk

#37 Posted by ThexX (1576 posts) - - Show Bio
  1. Bucky Barnes-
  2. Union Jack
  3. Grifter
  4. Shuri (Black Panther)
#38 Posted by MarlboroMan (1802 posts) - - Show Bio

Beta Ray Bill
Black Adam
Black Bolt
Martian Manhunter

#39 Posted by sync1 (2990 posts) - - Show Bio
  1. Nightwing
  2. Green Arrow
  3. Batgirl
  4. Starfire

Green Arrow definitely deserves better. He practically gets beat up by everyone, and had to "bribe" his way into the JLA.

Nightwing deserves better fighting feats... but that's nothing compared to how GA is treated.

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nobody gets treated worse than majestic. they stripped him of everything that made him a kheubim warlord

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@sog7dc: 6 good issues of Superman? Try most of Morrison's Superman run with the exception of issues 9 and 17, Andy Diggle's only issue of Action Comics, Superman Unchained and an awesome guest appearance in Swamp Thing 20. That makes 21 good issues of Superman in my eyes. Not to mention Pak's work on the character in Batman/Superman and his future Action Comics run.

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Cassandra Cain has been dishonored, disrespected, underused and unappreciated. She deserves better because it's only once in a blue moon where you find an Asian-American heroine who isn't here to be the hero's girlfriend, but is an amazing hero in her own right. She can kick Batman's ass in a hand to hand fight, AND she is Bruce's only daughter.

Getting rid of her was a mistake that DC top brass will one day pay for, believe me.

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@sog7dc said:

nobody gets treated worse than majestic. they stripped him of everything that made him a kheubim warlord

I SECOND THIS!!! He was awesome in the Wildstorm universe. He could've been the perfect anti-thesis to Superman... basically supes without holding back... Another part was his Kherubium lore, which was doubly awesome. A warlord who conquers worlds for a living, that's BADASS.

But i at least like what they're doing with Helspont... making him really powerful and toying around with Superman, but that's about the only thing DC did kinda right with a Wildstorm character.

#44 Posted by teddy_the_god_killer (314 posts) - - Show Bio

1. Yuga Khan

2. Living Tribunal

3. The Beyonder (back to pre-retcon)

4. Skaar

5. Superman (I am a Hulk fan but it would be good to see if they could give him some heavyweight storyline that was good in a literary sense).

#45 Posted by Bruxae (14008 posts) - - Show Bio

Almost every villain.

#46 Posted by ThatGuyWithHeadPhones (12479 posts) - - Show Bio

Skaar, where dafaq is he ?

#47 Posted by TDK_1997 (15104 posts) - - Show Bio

Tim Drake,Cyclops,Wolverine,Emma Frost,Joker,Batgirl,Catwoman.

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616 peter parker

Static Shock

Wally West

X-men in general

#49 Posted by Superskrull86 (1806 posts) - - Show Bio

Wolverine. He needs more appearances...

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DC: Everyone in (and left out of) the New 52. Particularly Batman, Constantine, Superman, Hal Jordan, Huntress, Catwoman, Darkseid, Joker

Marvel: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Peter Parker, the Inhumans, Enchantress, Elektra, the Thunderbolts name, Hellion, Wither.