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Im concerned about a certain matter that seemed to uncover itself yesterday and today that progressed in front of my eyes I have investigated slightly and put together clues that reveal some about this perplexing dilemma that seems to be a rather insane conspiracy of some sort

Yesterday one of my friends walks up to me before a class ( lets call her C ) and asks me if I can keep and want to know a secret I agree and she proceeds to say she is running away i have no way of knowing how to react and continue to class

The next day another friend of mine joins me ( lets call him T ) and my friends during a conversation and appears to be crying, fully red eyes, sniffling, and tears and wont talk about it He walks away with my friend ( lets call him M ) and they start to talk and they leave out of ear shot letting them leave as to not seem rude

C comes up to me it is now the next day and tells me before a class dressed in her cheerleading uniform she is leaving now she turns her head while walking and smiles at me and meets with her friends ( who we'll call S and N )

There is a football game tonight where they should be

After all classes I meet up with my two other friends Josh and Nick who have also experienced some strange happenings around them that seem to correlate with what Ive experienced

They both tell me that theyve seen T crying along with S while S is trying to console him by giving him hugs

S was not in class during some later classes

I understand what theyre saying and we discuss on finding out whats going to happen or what happened

Nick goes to ( who we'll call R ) our friend and asks him what is going on between all the crying and R only what i could hear from the distance I was at says " some serious sh!t " and he says something else which was inaudible to me

Another friend who was there when nick was asking was (who we'll call M ) another friend now he said somtheing about a gun of some sort only reciting numbers, drugs, and where they were in a car  that was going to be driven he also mentions C and something about a love note but he says this in a jokingly way

I assume this could be a joke as to cover up what was going on or a way of saying it and trying to dismiss us from believing it
by saying it in a jokingly way

i would like to know what I should do or react to this?
and what you think could be happeninhg by the information ive posed to you?

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try and get this on an episode of degrassi, but if I had to guess I would say something happened between T and C if you can find out one's problems you may find boths, but as a friend I think you should try as hard as you can to do what they need either not bother them or help with whatever happened

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Wow I cant believe i forgot about this 

well what happened was S and C were running away and had procured a lot of marijuana to fund the trip
T who had originally gave it to them but after this fell into a depression because of his crush over S and C's 
leaving and had tried to commit suicide and was hospitalized for 3 months removing the bullet fragments, S and C 
then at the football game as cheerleaders sold people on the side lines the weed so after this fled to a neighboring city 
about 230 miles away where they were caught 2 months later in a hotel where from what ive heard they reduced to
prostitution, S's family moved out of state and C is being treated at a mental hospital...R was sued by S's family...

yeah thats what happened
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sounds like that song 'Pepper'