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Invincible Universe #1:

Fantastic Four #6:

Wolverine #2:

Uncanny X-men #2:

Superboy #19:

Ultron #1:

Hawkeye #9:

Age of Ultron #5:

Batgirl #19:

Batman and Red Robin #19:

Batman #19:

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Fantastic Hawkeye review! "I care about you, but you're an a^^hole." I LOL'd. Wish it had been in the book. R.I.P. Grills (Still want to know who the hell that dude was.)

I dug Batman #19. Thought the cover was great, and was very intrigued by the backup story.

What, no Thor review? Sad face.

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4.5 out of 5 to Batgirl.

it is terrible in just pacing alone, this was the conclusion for the 3 issue arc and the whole Jr subplot that has been going on for a year and it all end in the last 10 pages with little no preparation.

and the motivation of Jr just makes me want punch someone in the face. Jr is a sociopath. Snyder made him a clinic sociopath and bother on explaining what a sociopath is. being a sociopath is the strength of Jr as character. Gail turn him into just some random crazy guy who needs his mommy and jealous of his big sis.

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@kilomac29: Glad to hear toy liked my reviews. Always try to make them entertaining so glad to hear you laughed for some parts.

I didn't review Thor because I am not a big Thor fan. I have tried to get into his character in the past, but never could =(

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Still the best panel ever........ I love hawkeye as the sub-street level hero.

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@judasnixon: I didn't even remember that. That scene is hilarious! I hope we get to see more Kate Bishop in the Marvel U