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This is my LCS where I live with my mom near Lynwood Washington. It's a great store with huge space. Great collection of TPB and Graphic Novels. I've run into a couple sold out issues on the day of release though like, for example: All New-X Men #4 but that was my own damn fault for not getting there until very late that evening. P.S. Sorry I couldn't find any interior images

But... my favorite comic book shop would have to be:

The old guy behind the counter is the owner Joe Ferrera

This is my old LCS in my home-town of Santa Cruz California. It's a really old store (they just had their 35th anniversary) and is a staple of the Santa Cruz community. It even has a second room in the back (not pictured, but the entrance to that room is near the bottom left hand corner of the picture above) that's used just for old TPBs, back-issues, and toys. I basically grew up in this store, and after I moved, I missed it so much that I go there every time I'm down there for my annual visit with my friends and relatives. This 1600 square foot slice of heaven even won the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retail Award in 1996! P.S. Sorry I couldn't find any exterior images.

But my other comic shopping destinations would be Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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