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1.The Dark Knight(I was normally going to put the original spiderman theme but after hearing this and the movies i changed my mind)

Why I Like it?:Because it's dark it gets you hyped for a dark and exiting battle for justice or revenge and it makes the batpod scene so good so ya it's dark exiting 2 combos that i always liked.

2.Spider-Man intro musicYa i like it a lot because its as heroic as supermans theme and it feels like you want to go out their and fight for your loved ones truth liberty justice and your country so ya it's pretty good and in spider man 1 and 3 in the american flag scenes i feel soo good and i get goosebumps in a good way so ya those two scenes make it look better.

3.Superman's original theme(Ya i know it's super heroic not dark at all and makes your feel super and ready to take on the world).

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Oh your talking about theme music

I personally liked the 1989 batman theme music, it helped convey the dark and heroic tone of the film.

The Superman one is just iconic.

Now and days it doesn't feel like with comic book movies their trying to convey the tone of the film with the music they just take whatever music is popular these days. I find the music better when they actually put the effort to make an original score.