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Had to battle through the storm up here in Glasgow to keep my comics safe and dry, but they all appear to have survived :) Sorry, I usually try to make these spoiler free, but some things just couldn't be avoided, I've done by best to steer around them and block them where I should, please let me know if more/less blockages are needed :)

Aquaman #16: ToA has been intense! Always feels like there's a thousand things going on, but clear and understandable. I was discussing on the forum earlier this week how I though Batman got fair coverage in his JL appearances...I take that back haha. They made him so useless in this issue it was almost uncomfortable to read. Some incredible double-page-spreads, once again. Awesome underwater blood effects, awesome sea-creatures too! 5/5

Avengers #4: Hyperion! Great to see him and Thor working together, I hope for a lot more dialogue between the 2 in the future. This ongoing theme of everything "going bigger" in the Avengers has been great, seeing so much "unknown" is what Avengers is all about. 4/5

Invincible #100: Bought based on all the hype surrounding "The Death of Everyone", it's not something I've followed up until now, so although I'm disappointed in the book (I'm a big fan of the other Kirkman's out there) I don't feel fully qualified to say so. TDoE has ended somewhat anti-climatically, though, and with a nice tidy cliché bow on how much of the story is directed by the artist though, always a plus in action books for me. 3/5

Joe Kubert Presents #4: I'm simply buying these for the artwork; they're simple and elegant and breathtaking. They're an expensive purchase, but worthwhile, and always spark up a conversation at the till in my LCS. 5/5

Punisher: Nightmare #5: The final, beautiful instalment to I've been unsure on this limited as of late, but this ending justified any shortcomings of earlier issues. It's so good seeing how far Castle takes it, how methodical he is, how he blocks out everything around him, including the cruel words of Nightmare while he executes his plan. Seeing Nightmare get visibly bigger and more insane as he chews through the damage was a really nice, artistic touch. 5/5

Punisher: War Zone #4: Another great issue; nobody writes Punisher like Rucka, shame to see his reign ending. As misleading as the cover is, the actual story has been amazing and always featured some great twists to put a smirk on your face. Can't wait to see how this ends. 4/5

Superior Spider-Man #2: Is it safe to talk about this yet? Just in-case: I'm a huge fan of Phantom-Parker! As much hate a Slott gets, you can tell he's a huge spidey fan and put's a lot of effort into his work, even if it makes you uncomfortable (which I personally see as a positive thing). Really funny; I thought it was maybe a little too talky at first, but by the end you're savouring every word. 4/5

Superman #16: Some great, dry narratives in this one. My favorite being "Although he didn't mean to obliterate the ship, it didn't make the crew any less dead". Lots of Jor-El and lot's of Kryptonian "history", which I always like. Disappointing to see how quickly swayed Supergirl is when she questions something. I think it makes her actions just beyond the realm of believable. Feels like this crossover either hasn't covered enough, or has come to an end too quickly. 4/5

Teen Titans #16: Loved it! I've hated Titans and RHatO during DotF and thought they really detracted from the story and forced a lot of pointless extras into the story (this issue still does this). Seeing Red and Red (Robin and Hood) together is amazing though, they should have their own duo series. ALSO I think this is the first time in the story we have seen more than one silver platter...that may shake the foundations of some peoples theories...5/5

Picked up my copy of Diamond Previews and Marvel Previews for April. Some interesting stuff! Looking forward to Age of Ultron and Thanos Rising, Avengers Arena hints that it might have more to it than killing off the Academy...

I've stopped picking up Iron Man, just hate the thought of in some way funding Greg Land's shameless, sexist, lazy artwork, but I really like the look of Iron Man #8. A Roman Gladiator Iron Man!? Might have to be something I just read in the store :p

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I've been saying for at least a week that there was more than one tray and I will admit I felt quite vindicated seeing two on one page. The idea of him just carrying around a single tray and showing it off to everyone separately -- particularly when he intended to bring them all together for the "feast" -- has never made sense to me, but it's been the prevailing view nonetheless. Shame we have to wait two weeks for the reveal though.

I already told you what I thought of Titans, so I'll just add that I really don't like Raven's costume (and there's a thread about it that goes back several months, in which almost everyone agreed that it was stupid). I don't know much of anything about her, though, nor do I plan to be reading the series, so I guess it doesn't matter much to me, but I thought it was all a little hokey.

I may pick up some War Zone as a trade to get a feel for Punisher and Rucka. It sounds like Rucka was a great talent for Marvel to have and I'm happy he chose to get out of such a crappy situation when he did.

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@akbogert said:

I don't know much of anything about her, though, nor do I plan to be reading the series, so I guess it doesn't matter much to me, but I thought it was all a little hokey.

She was a very unnecessary feature in that comic, probably the only dip in my interest when reading it; I saw that page and feared the rest of the book would be one long pointless tangent, set to damage the DotF storyline...glad it was limited to a single page!

What did you think about the "closest thing to a brother" remark by the way? Seems to have upset a few people; I think it was just a misplaced, fleeting comment, meant to do no harm...but sounds like a few people have put down the book as a result...

@akbogert said:

It sounds like Rucka was a great talent for Marvel to have and I'm happy he chose to get out of such a crappy situation when he did.

It's a shame, for the rest of us, that he had to get permanent with the big 2 though, albeit for the right reasons. I'll be picking up whatever he brings out next though; if he can put that much passion into somebody else's character, I can only imagine how engrossing one of his own creations might be.