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Avengers #3: This story has almost played out as a mini legend on "How the Earth was won". Such a brilliant idea, and I have loved the "Universe" theory throughout. I feel that Opena and his team of colorists have improved immensely for this final issue and can make a close-up look as dramatic as an action scene. Only downside would be Ex-Nihilo; I like him, but he lost his evil-ness in this issue, which, although fitting, was a shame. 4/5

A+X #4: I love these, they're so much fun to read. The fact that they're not tied in to any arcs or lore means the writers and characters really get a chance to stretch their creative legs. Spider-man + Beast was my favourite here; almost every panel featured a one-liner and pairing the serious with the slack is always a guaranteed hit. 5/5

Deadpool Killustrated #1: This will get a longer review elsewhere, but in short: Much like this teams' last saga, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, they've taken a great idea and RUINED it by giving it a plot. This could have been hilarious and carefree and perfect, but instead it's messy and overloaded and features very little of the thing that made you buy it in the first place. Soooo disappointed! 1/5

Punisher: Nightmare #4: For a character/title like Nightmare, I was really expecting Castle to be in fear of someone/something in this series. Nightmare should be his match, someone who he fears and needs to prepare for. Castle ends up comfortably wading in after Nightmare, stalking him like any other villain. 3/5

Nightwing #16: Incredible. Further evidence of the sheer intensity in the DotF series. All of Nightwings greatest fears, all of Joker's hatred towards the "family", all of Joker's love for Batman. You felt it all. This issue summed up so much of this saga and has left me hungry for the rest of this series, even though I don't want it to end. 5/5

Justice League #16: I love seeing Aquaman in the spotlight in Justice League. There are some incredible scenes in this issue, in particular the "time for war" spread and the reinforcements picture show the enormity of what's to come. The Shazam back-up was great too, I think they deserve their own title in the New 52. Billy Batson is such a loveable character and would make a great addition to DC's teen titles. 4/5

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16: I can't see why this is a DotF title...I can't even really see why it's a Red Hood title! This is a Teen Titans book that's been poorly shoehorned into the DotF series...and what's even stranger? The way Scott Lobdell writes the Titans...I don't think he even likes them! He'd be doing himself, and everyone else a favour if he'd written this differently...maybe even featured some Red Hood?? 1/5

Superboy Annual #1: At first wasn't sure if an annual was really the place for this H'el on Earth tangent, but having Superboy and Superman air their dirty laundry while battling through multiple dimensions and simulacrum (including a golden age, defying gravity on the farm scene) was a fantastic way to spend an annual. The TK conversations were a little creepy, but all in all a great, creative read. 4/5

Supergirl #16: Not a great version of The Flash, but was nice to see him go up against a Kryptonian; a debate as old as Flash himself. Some other interesting appearances in this issue and a glimmer of H'el origin maybe? H'el on Earth is a quality, well thought-out series; you could actually read this weeks books in either order and still follow the story fluently without spoiling the latter. 4/5

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Well, thanks again for the codes. I have to admit I was extremely lost on Avengers, and I can't say for sure whether that's because this was issue 3 or because Marvel NOW isn't really a reboot. I had no idea what A+X was, so its one-shot nature actually played very well into receiving it randomly, because there was no real backstory for me to worry about not knowing. I appreciated both stories, primarily for the humor...I think I actually liked the first one more, even though the second one seemed better-written. But yeah, thanks again!

Now, I didn't dislike RHatO quite as much as you did, though I'll admit it really wasn't very good. I completely agree with the "this is a Teen Titans book," and considering how TT frequently rates far lower than RHatO (despite Lobdell writing both of them), that's certainly not a good thing. It's funny because I think I've come to appreciate the characters themselves in spite of Lobdell's poor characterization, if that's possible.

And Nightwing I liked a little less, but maybe that's because I reserve my 5s for something truly unbelievable. Maybe four or five more pages in the book would have earned that? But when I hit the end, I felt a little short-changed. Though I guess wanting more of a good thing is better than the alternative.

By the way, the disparity between your review of Deadpool Killustrated and CV's is somewhat hilarious.

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@akbogert: My ratings can both be a little too liberal with 5's and a little too harsh with 1s. The way I rate: If I only picked up 2/3 books per week, it'd have to include the 5/5s, and it's more their "necessity" down to 2/5. If it's 1/5 even if I picked up most main titles, these still wouldn't be worth picking up.

I really got nothing from RHatO or Killustrated. Lobdell really undermines every single one of the Titans and Outlaws when he writes them, and on top of that, makes them look clumsy, reckless and gullible...I can't see why he writes them, because I get the impression he doesn't like them.

As far as Killustrated goes, I don't understand the Vine Review, they sing the praises of the Moby Dick scenes and the action...but it's only 4 or so panels! The rest was page after page of laying down foundations and trying to justify what Deadpool is doing. I can only hope that for all the legwork in #1, there's nothing but progression in #2. Whta's more likely is that once again this will be an overhyped series sold on premise and inaccurate covers. Did well on ebay though haha.

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Heh, well RHatO is one of very few books I've actually bought and read all the way from #1, so I guess Lobdell on that book is doing something for me he's not doing for you (though in general it seems to get decent reviews from other folks, this most recent one notwithstanding). I fully admit that my having zero knowledge of any of the characters prior to Lobdell's writing has spared me from any loathing I might have if he has indeed ruined their pre-New 52 selves. I certainly like them, and I'm hoping that I continue to like them after he passes the reins in a couple issues. I'll inevitably go back and read earlier stuff, too, as this is one of those books that makes a lot of references to what happened before (Jason's death, Roy's bad habits, Kory's relationship(s), etc.).