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All-New X-Men #6 : Amazing start, was genuinely shocked. This story has been great so far and will be first off the pile next issue. Jean and Kitty have both been portrayed really well and the friend/foe tightrope between Cyclops and Wolverine is back, feeling like it had never left. 5/5

Captain America #3 : Kinda lacking the gruesome disparate feeling that the last 2 had. Was hoping he'd spend more time in the wasteland. The thing that attracted me to this series was the constant struggle and how Cap had adapted to overcome it. Now that he's back on track, he's quickly became too comfortable and back to his old self. 3/5

Punisher: Nightmare #3 : Still loving this, I miss the connection with Jonny and J though. Seeing Punisher play the "good cop" in an investigation really hit home the potential for darkness in Jonny Nightmare. Still one of the best runs of this year so far. 4/5

Ultimate Comics Iron Man #4 : Better than the main Iron Man run, in my opinion. Looking into the foundations of Stark Industries has been fascinating. I can only wonder what it'd be like if they had a stronger artist behind it! 3/5

Batgirl #16 : DotF has got me hooked on Batgirl, to the point that I'll probably keep reading it after the event. 5/5

Batman #16 : Awesome awesome awesome. Scott Snyder's run on Batman is sure to be a future classic. Always surprised, always left guessing. Great artwork by Greg Capullo too; graphic and gory. 5/5

Batman and Robin #16 : One of the weaker DotF's for me...just doesn't seem to mesh well. I feel like the writer is determined to tell his own story away from the tether of DotF, but is sacrificing the book in doing so. 3/5

Superboy #16 : Really liked this, The Justice League members were all given a chance to show what they were great at, and watching them in action and utilizing Superboy was great. Worried that the choices made by Superboy and by Superman (accidentally) in this issue, might slow the event down...will have to wait for the Annual and see! 5/5

The Crow: Skinning the Wolves #2 : I love the original Crow, and to hear James O'Barr was back on the project is what got me onto this book, but it has so far been a little disappointing. It lacks a lot of the ceremony and depth of other Crow incarnations and seems to just wade into the killing without fully explaining the main character. 2/5

Todd the Ugliest Kid On Earth #1 : Thought I'd give this a go, judged a book by it's cover. You can tell this was made with love, but for me, it just rambled on a little too much and I struggled to get into it, great art and refreshing to read something different though. 3/5

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Well, it looks like you do one of these each week, so I imagine today's is incoming. That said, as a reader of Batgirl and follower of Gail Simone, I figure it's my duty to let you know that she was fired and subsequently rehired, so issues 17 & 18 aren't her (she resumes on 19). You might have known that, but hey, maybe not. Just wouldn't want you to decide to follow the book and give it up due to one or two off issues written by someone other than the regular (not saying they're definitely going to be off, just that it could happen).

Also, wow, you read a lot of comics.

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Firstly, a HUUUUGE thanks for letting me know about Simone! If you hadn't told me, I'd have probably missed #19! I'd recently posted somewhere (can't remember where) that I was gonna go back and read older Simone stuff, rather than continue the run, due to the fact she was off the project. To hear she's back has made my day :)

Currently reading through todays pile:

A+X #4, Avengers #3, Deadpool Killustrated #1, Punisher: Nightmare #4, Justice League #16, Nightwing #16, Red Hood and the Outlaws #16, Superboy Annual #1 and Supergirl #16

I do indeed read a lot of comics haha I get sucked into events and limited's quite easily...should slim down quite a bit once the initial Marvel NOW! arcs peter off and DotF ends, but until then, Wednesday is a rather expensive day :p

P.S! since you're the first person EVER to comment on my bloggy stuff; I award you with the Marvel codes to this weeks Avengers #3 and A+X #4. I'll PM them to you in a bit :-)

Thanks for reading!

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For sure. The reviews on CV for RH #16 have been...brutal, to say the least. Interested to know what you thought about that & Nightwing (the two books I picked up digitally today).

And yeah, I started following her on Tumblr and then on Twitter before I even started buying comic books, right around the time she'd been fired. It was really weird, because just as the messages and news had reached critical mass about her being off the project, she announced that she knew who the new writer would be...her. Haha. Apparently there was a huge outcry about it so DC took her back. Will probably never know what led to the firing in the first place, but at least it was only (very) temporary. Batgirl is one of only three comics I'm fully up-to-date on, and I've really been loving her work with it. I, too, need to go back and read more of her stuff.

And hey, thanks for the codes! I've been wondering how Marvel's system worked (I've been debating whether to pick up a physical copy of Uncanny X-Force or just grab it on Comixology), so this will be the perfect test. I'll keep an eye out for them -- and for today's reviews.