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I'm certain many of you here at one point have visited, the site that not only covers, well, what else, comic book movie news. Their fanfic section is a showcase of people's crazy ideas for the kind of comic book/videogame film they'd like to see made--and I myself am one of them. That's why, for this entry, I'm posting here the entirety of my fancasts so far--most of them animated, some live action, some movies, some TV shows! Here they are, and please, do tell me what you think of them.

First up are all my DC Comics-based:

Manhunter: The Animated Movie (based on the Archie Goodwin/Walt Simonson classic)

Flash and Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold (based on the Mark Waid/Barry Kitson/Tom Peyer mini from 2000)

Robin/The Huntress: Benedictions (based on the story published in Showcase '94 #4-6 by Chuck Dixon)

The Last Days of Animal Man (based on the 2009 mini by Gerry Conway and Chris Batista)

Next, here come the Marvel ones:

X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga--The Animated Movie (based on, what else, the classic story by Chris Claremont and John Byrne) and a reprise I did with some changes

Marvel Team-Up Presents: Wolverine (a double feature based on Wolverine/Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection and Wolverine and the Black Cat: Claws)

Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear (based on the 1992 prestige-format book by Howard Mackie and Lee Weeks)

Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Dark Design (a double feature based on the prestige-format books "Hearts of Darkness" (1991) and "The Dark Design" (1994)

X-Men Legends: Domino (a reworked version of the 1997 Domino miniseries by Ben Raab and David Perrin)

Third up is the non-DC/Marvel stuff, be it indie or webcomic:

Danger Girl: The Animated Movie (based on the original 1998 mini by J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell)

Gen 13: The Animated Movie (based on the original 1994 miniseries, and NOT on the never-released Disney movie)

Bill Walko's The Hero Business (an animated series based on Bill Walko's popular webcomic)

Exposure: The Animated Series (based on the comic by David Campiti and the late Al Rio)

Danger Girl: Revolver--The Animated Movie (based on the recent Danger Girl mini by Andy Hartnell and Chris Madden)

Flash Gordon: The Animated Series (based on Alex Raymond's most famous creation), my most recent one

Now comes the stuff based on famous toys:

G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes Declassified--The Animated Movie (based on the 2005 Devil's Due miniseries)

Beast Wars: The Gathering and the Ascending--The Animated Movie (a double feature based on IDW's two Beast Wars Transformers miniseries)

G.I. Joe: Operation Lady Doomsday (an animated film combining Marvel's G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #1 (1982) and the 2006 Devil's Due miniseries G.I. Joe: Declassified)

My Crossover Fancast:

Batman: The Brave and the Bold "Worlds' Finest" (my idea for the first DC/Marvel crossover on television)

And finally, the stuff based on obscure TV shows and a couple of my favorite movies:

Freakazoid: The Movie (a live-action version of the super-teen extraordinaire, AND my first fancast!)

The Critic: The Movie (based on the show starring everybody's favorite film critic, Jay Sherman)

Ghostbusters III: Hell Breaks Loose (my idea for the proposed third GB film)

The Big O: The Movie (my idea for a live-action version of the hit anime)

Spaceballs: The Movie Musical (my idea for a musical remake of the Mel Brooks sci-fi spoof)

And that's that! Make sure you read each of them VERY carefully.

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Wow amazing list man. Good stuff hahahaha.

Ghostbusters III sounds epic.

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@cxmxalex: Did you look at each one? Or a few?