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Happy New Year ComicViners! Yes, I know, I'm a few weeks late, but I have been recuperating from my holidays. Needless to say that the second half of last year was a busy one for me. My last blog mentioned the trips between Texas and Florida and Texas and Louisiana and then shortly after that blog was written, in-laws began arriving for a large Christmas that we hosted at our house (it was only the second Christmas we celebrated in a house that we bought in May of 2011) and so it was a pretty big deal. Then my wife decided it would be a grand idea to spend New Years in New Orleans so once again we packed everyone up and we were back in the car again. Luckily I'm no stranger to driving long distances. However, I was barely able to keep up with reading the comics that I was buying, let along blogging about my choices and reviewing my favorites and least favorites.

But now it is a new year and I have a list of resolutions to work on. Among them are getting back in shape (which begins today), blogging more frequently, finishing a few writing projects that have been in the works for some time (I've been writing an urban fantasy novel and working on and off on a comic book that I would like to self-publish), and spending more times enjoying my hobbies like video gaming and comic books (I had he chance to enjoy a few DC comic book cartoons last night on Netflix). I'm not sure how many of these I'm going to knock off my list, but all I can do is try!

It is my intention to hopefully blog every Monday about the titles I plan on picking up, listed by my top picks down and the reasons why I am enjoying them. I also plan on catching up on comic news on Mondays and mentioning any meaningful topics that effect me. Then throughout the week I hope to review comics that I either enjoy or that I am reading but aren't being reviewed by the staffers at ComicVine. During the week, I may post a random blog here and there about a show I am enjoying or about a hobby that I focused on this week. Lets see how this goes.

So without further ado about it...


1. Batman #16 – Yes, I love the Death of The Family arc right along with a large number of Batman fans. It seems there is an occasional fan that has something negative to say, but it seems the majority is on board with Scott Snyder’s run on Batman. I have to admit, I’ve been enjoying his writing so much that I am looking forward to seeing what Snyder has in store for Superman (even though I have dropped all the other Supes titles)

2. All-New X-Men #6 – I am loving this title and indeed, I think it gave Batman a run for its money for the top spot in my rankings this week. Having not read any of the AvX storyline, this title does a surprising job of plopping the reader right into the middle of the world as it is now without losing me. I still hate the Marvel bi-weekly schedule though. Blech!

3. Batgirl #16 – I’ve been saying it all along, I really kinda like this title. I know it doesn’t always get a lot of love from comic book fans and the comic has its critics, but I am not one of them. Sure, maybe it’s not the best comic out there, but it is consistently keeping me entertained. Yay for Gail Simon staying on as this title’s writer!

4. Demon Knights #16 – I’ve been reading this title since issue 1 and I have been enjoying it since I first read it. The characters are unique and interesting, some more than others (like the Shining Knight and Vandal Savage over Al Jabir and Madame Xanadu). I’m hoping the new writer Robert Venditti can continue to deliver as Paul Cornell leave the title.

5. Deathstroke #16 – I had dropped this book under what was a very rough series under Rob Liefield. It started out strong but got mired down after its first arc when it hit the Lobo cross over. The new creative team, however, hit the ground running and I am once again pulling this book off the shelf.

Only time will tell...

6. Batman And Robin #16 – Meh. This is another hit or miss title for me. It has its moments but I’m not sure it has enough moment’s to keep me reading it after the Death of The Family event is over.

7. Suicide Squad #16 – My interest in this book has been waning since the team’s first arc. I think there is too little focus on character development. Even after 16 issues I barely have a grasp on any of the characters in the book and the Death of The Family tie ins have not been great.

8. Indestructible Hulk #3 – The jury is still out on this title.

9. New Avengers #2 – I’m giving this title time to impress me. So far, it has only barely stayed on my list.

Game Day Decisions

Threshold #1 - I'm a little torn about this series. I love sci-fi stuff so my mind says that this title should be listed under SOLD! However, I haven't been enjoying the DC sci-fi titles as much as I love the idea of books taking place entirely in the cosmic reaches of the universe (outside of Green Lantern's solo title which is less sci-fi and more Super-Hero). The other Lantern titles have been really hit or miss and the GL:NG annual was only 'Meh'. I will probably pick this up to give it a chance.

Alpha Big Time #0.1 – I’m checking this book out strictly because of his ties to Spiderman and I am interested to see how that relationship changes with the new Superior Spiderman.

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Interesting pull list. A nice variation. I heard Demon Knights was good. Should probably check it out. Here's mine:

1. Batman - This next issue is supposed to blow minds. This will determine whether this is a Joker story for the ages or just another solid offering.
2. Hawkeye - An issue with a hurricane Sandy tie-in? Yes please! Love it when comics reference real-life events.
3. XO-Manowar - Conan the Barbarian in Iron Man's suit. That describes this title. Everyone needs to check it out!
4. Justice League - This title has been merely ok up until this latest storyline. We're now entering the 'awesome' zone.
5. Shadowman - The art and writing is top notch. I come from a background of DC and Marvel, but this title is quickly turning me into a Valiant loyalist.

6. FF - Good art and writing. Has a lot of potential.
7. Fantastic Four - I like the self-contained story approach that issues are going to take.
8. The Flash - Last issue was disapointing filler, but I'm still a fan.
9. Indestructible Hulk - The talent is here. In Waid we trust.
10. All-Star Western - Something besides superheroes.
11. Deadpool - Acts like it wants to be funny. It's made me smile a few times.

1. Sword of Sorcery - Slow moving story and mother-daughter drama were too much.
2. Detective Comics - Definitely improved, but Layman appears to be wasting my time with Birds of Prey references and yet another Penguin story.

1. Justice League of America - Kind of pissed that this is going to be another $4 book. I'm on-board through the summer when Trinity War happens. We'll have to see where we stand after that.

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That awkward moment when you realize the thread revolves one particular week, not month.

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@Reignmaker said:

0.0 That awkward moment when you realize the thread revolves one particular week, not month.

Lol. Yeah. I get a lot of comments about the amount of comics that I buy on a weekly basis. I swear I'm trying to cut back! The problem is that I haven't read comics in a long time and so when the new 52 launched I dove in and actually bought 51 of the 52 titles that started. The same thing has happened with Marvel NOW. Being out of reading for so long and having never read DC comics, I didn't know what stories and what writers I would like best so I have hedging my bets so to speak. Plus with a two income house I have quite a bit of disposable income...