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NOTE: If you're viewing this from the forums, the page is compressed so that it splits up some of the images. You may want to view this from the blog page, for better effect. Thanks. -cb :)

Anytime multiple covers are used to form one image, I think that's cool. I thought I'd try to put some of them together here. I'll update this blog as I go along. Thanks for checking it out. :)


New Teen Titans #37 & Batman and the Outsiders #5
This is one of my all time favorite linking covers, just because I was reading both of these series as they came out. The link isn't real easy to see in the smaller images. If it wasn't for the mud thing grabbing Raven, it'd almost look like they don't link here.


Legionnaires #2-6
They don't match up perfectly, but I like this image. The color change in the background is cool, but I think I'd have rather had a unified color back there. Still, it's the LSH vs. the Fatal Five - how cool is that?


Outsiders #1(alpha) & #1(omega)
Other than a few of those pink and white energy bubbles floating from one cover to the other, this image is pretty much totally linked by the background, which matches up pretty much perfect, from the looks of it.


The Legion #19-23

Brainiac 5's elbow crosses from 19-20, and the Universo's cape crosses from 21-22, but it's off. This doesn't do a great job of connecting, but it is a connected image. Another case where a unified color scheme in the background would've helped out a lot.

I got these covers right here on CV, and I'm wondering if the edges of the scans are chopped. B5's elbow doesn't match up well, and neither does Universo's cape. If it wasn't for the streams of numbers from 19-20 and 22-23, I'd almost say these don't match up. This is beautiful art, but it's not great as an interconnected image.


Deathtrap: Titans #12-13; Vigilante #5-6; Teen Titans #70
The matches are just slightly off in a few spots, but this is pretty good. I kind of like the letterbox look to this. Got the cover images from CV.
I'm not sure why I had to skew this one to get it to match up, because the images were exactly the same size. Got these virgin art images from the Deathtrap story arc images on CV, and I think there's a little chopped off the edges, or this would have matched up.


Batman Annual #27; Detective Annual #11.

This looks perfect. It matches up great. Personally though, I prefer the original Azrael costume.


Justice League of America #233-236.

This matches up nice, from left to right, but the top and bottom are off. You'd have to overlap the top covers with the bottom to get it matched up right - you can see the tips of the mask in the bottoms of the top two covers. As a kid, I wished I could frame these covers as one image. <sigh> Still don't like it that they killed Vibe, just to replace him later with his brother. "Reverb?" Try "Retread." Loved the villains, the Cadre though.


Supergirl Plus #1; Superboy Plus #1.

I love this image, and especially love the team-ups here - it's a perfect idea, even if the story was a, somehow.


Secret Origins #33-35.

It doesn't match up quite right, but this is a decent image.


Spider-Man 2099 #16; Ravage 2099 #15; X-Men 2099 #5; Doom 2099 #14; Punisher 2099 #13
Discovered this one by accident. I was editing Would U Buy It #15, when I noticed that the backgrounds match up (mostly - it's a little off due to my subpar MS Paint skills).


Detective Annual #1 ; Question Annual #1; Green Arrow Annual #1.

Thanks to Donovan Montgomery for pointing out this cover combo, and for helping me figure out which order was correct. The mist at the bottom isn't very consistent from cover to cover, so made it difficult to figure out for a few minutes. Thanks, Donovan!


Secret Invasion: X-Men #1-4.

Thanks to The Dark Huntress for pointing this one out. I had to study it a little bit, with the bigger covers, but it is a connected image. It might just be the four covers that got scanned to CV, but it appears that pieces of the image were lost, from cover to cover - like they were trimmed in production or something. On #2, the Skrull's elbow should flow over to #1, but is missing. Cyclops' elbow is missing from #2 to #3. Kurt's "bamf" effect doesn't color quite right from #2 to #3, and the Skrull's head (bottom) seems like part of it is cut out, from #3 to #4. I wouldn't have caught this without someone pointing it out. Nice catch, DH!


Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare #1-3.


Huntress (1994) #1-4.

Full Image.

The top 2 covers seem to match pretty decent, but the bottom 2 are definitely off. See the full image to the right.


The Walking Dead TPB, Vol. #1-12.

This is definitely one of those times you want to be viewing this from my blog page, because I can get six covers per line that way, but the Walking Dead TPB's have a connecting zombie horde image running across the bottom of the covers. The first five or six would have actually benefitted from leaving space between the covers, because edged together, you can tell that part of the image got chopped in making the covers. Volumes 7 through 11 seem to match up pretty well. (I repeated the Volume 6 cover on the second line, so you could see how the image continues, and repeated the Volume 11 cover on line 3 for the same reason. Again, if you're not looking at this on my blog page [link at the top of the page] then this isn't going to look right.)


L.A.W.: Living Assault Weapons #1-6.

Until today (6/6/12) I had never actually seen all 6 of these covers, but I ran across them in a dollar bin, all signed. :) Makes a nice two-tiered image of the Charlton heroes at DC. Incidentally, this was DC's attempt at making the Charlton characters players at DC. Some of them found better success later.


Aquaman #40; Superman: Man of Steel #78; Challengers of the Unknown #15; Teen Titans #19; Superman #134; Supergirl #20; Steel #50; Adventures of Superman #557; Action Comics #744.

Full Image.

The Millennium Giants event. This one goes together pretty well, but there are a few seams that don't quite match up. The color quality from scan to scan isn't consistent either, but you can see the full image, but clicking on the Full Image poster to the right. The image is tied together pretty well by the Giants and Superman Red/Blue.


Speaking of Superman Red & Superman Blue...

Action Comics #742; Superman: Man of Steel #77.

Full Image.

Again, the color is inconsistent due to the scan quality, but it matches up pretty well.


The Mighty Avengers #21-23.

Full Image (no logos).

Thanks to X35 for this one. It goes together pretty well too!


American Vampire #13-17 (Ghost War).

Full Image.

This matches beautifully. Thanks to pikahyper for this one, and for the full image shot (and a few to come).


Avenging Spider-Man #6; The Punisher #10; Daredevil #11.

The Omega Effect

Thanks to pikahyper for pointing this one out, and for the Full Image. Fortunately, he posted the variants in one image on The Omega Effect page, because <sigh> as always, I couldn't get to the variant covers on CV's wiki.


Exiled #1; Journey Into Mystery #637-638; New Mutants #42-43.

Full Image.
Full Image (no logos).

Thanks to pikahyper for posting this in the comments, and for the full images, with and without logos.

This is a beautiful image, even if it is a bit chaotic. Check out pika's work on the Exiled page!



Avengers: X-Sanction #1-4.

X-Sanction (no logos).

Thanks to pikahyper pointing out the X-Sanction page, I was again able to pick up the full images of the variant covers puzzle image.


Venom #13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4.

Full Image.
Full Image (no logos).

And last one from pikahyper (sorry, pika', I just couldn't add the Twilight image lol). Circle of Four.


The Books of Magic #73-75.

This image is sloppy. 73 & 75 can almost make the image without 74 (the middle panel). The coloring is off though, so it's not a good match. This looks like one of those instances when you'd have to overlap the covers to make it work.


Wonder Man #22-25.

I'd really like to see this image put together, without all of the logos obstructing the art. It looks like it went together pretty well though.


Superboy #7; Steel #7.

I really wasn't sure about these two covers. When I used the larger images, they didn't line up that well, and the lines around the edges of each cover make it seem like two different covers. The building under Hardware's foot seems to go over to the Superboy cover, but it doesn't line up well. However the background color is the same, there's the electric arcs flowing from one cover to the other. I decided it is supposed to be one image, but wasn't done well. If they are one image, they're the only two covers from the Worlds Collide arc that made a joint image, which is weird, since they weren't even consecutive chapters.




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Thanks again!

#1 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (18976 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah, this always bugs me when they don't match up

#2 Posted by xerox_kitty (15762 posts) - - Show Bio

Even if the last lot don't look connected, they still look unique & in a similar style & theme.  I think I prefer those.

#3 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio
@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
"yeah, this always bugs me when they don't match up "
Yeah, as a teenager, I used to go through the rack, trying to find two covers that lined up.  Now I just move 'em askew so the image lines up. It would be nice if they made it line up, since they went to the trouble of doing the image.

@xerox-kitty said:
"Even if the last lot don't look connected, they still look unique & in a similar style & theme.  I think I prefer those. "

The NTT/BATO image has always been a favorite - probably because it's one of the first I actually owned.  I like the Legionnaires image tho' - it actually seems to line up.  The Outsiders image is unified by the background, but that Legion image... I like those too, but I just don't think this one does a good job.  But I just recalled one that does. :)
#4 Edited by Donovan Montgomery (5489 posts) - - Show Bio

I have that last set, another I thought of was the Fables story arc in the Detective Comics/Green Arrow/Question Annuals from '88 . 


OK, maybe not interlocking, but same theme thru-out.  And a pretty good story to boot, 'specially the interaction of Batman/Question.
#5 Edited by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio
@Donovan Montgomery: Hey, cool!  Those are definitely interlocking across the top... I had written a decent paragraph at this point, looking at what made it connect and what didn't, when I noticed a problem.  Tell me if you agree, because it's not super clear... 
Here's your image (I had to grab the covers again - yours is all one image, so I couldn't manipulate it):
................................................^....Right there, the line in the mist continues from one cover to the next, but there's not a good connection from the GA to the Q cover.  The drop off from the right hand side of the GA cover cityscape to the left hand side of the Q cover cityscape was kind of weird.  And those clouds on the GA cover's skyline were bugging me, until I noticed a cloud on the right hand side of the Q cover. So... 
I tried this:
^The mist at the bottom seems to just barely connect, and the skyline seems to curve down and back up again, in a better curve, although still not a great match by any lengths, but... 
^^...The cloud on the skyline seems to match up well, from the Q to the GA cover.  I know that puts the covers Part I/ III/ II, but the second order seems to work.  What do you think?  It would be better if the mist design was consistent from one cover to the next.  Let me know - I want to add it to the blog, but not until I've gotten a good consensus on what order it should be in.
#6 Posted by Donovan Montgomery (5489 posts) - - Show Bio
I actually think they may have put the mist in backwards as it looks like the Detective cover should go after the Green Arrow cover, so it would go 3-2-1, but then that messes up the whole pose thing they got going.  The Question should defenatly be in the middle pose wise.
#7 Edited by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio
@Donovan Montgomery: I had tried that, but didn't think it worked well: 
...................................................................................................^... The background design meshes up well, and with Batman's cape blocking the cityscape, you could even say that matches.  The edge of the cape does not flow over to the GA cover though.  Just for the sake of it: 
<sigh> That doesn't work either.  Yeah, I think it's 1/3/2.  Okay, I'll add it to the blog.  Thanks for the help! :)
#8 Posted by Mercy_ (91871 posts) - - Show Bio
Secret Invasion: X-Men.  
Gotta say, love the idea and I LOVE that you link to the previous and next blogs, it's a smart idea.
#9 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Dark Huntress: Thanks on both counts. :)  I did the same thing with my lists.  It's a pain to do initially, but I think it's worth it when it's done.  What I haven't done for my blogs (that I probably should) is add a link to each one that goes to my Blogs & Forum Topics index page.  Yes, I can be incredibly detail-oriented (I refuse to call it "anal-retentive" lol).  What can I say?  I want people to read my blogs. lol
#10 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio

Since Donovan's suggestion of the Fables arc, and Dark Huntress' suggestion of Secret Invasion: X-Men, I have added Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare and Huntress.

#11 Posted by ArtJoker (521 posts) - - Show Bio

Marko Djurdjevic does my favorite match up covers

#12 Posted by Mercy_ (91871 posts) - - Show Bio
@cbishop: No problem. :D And it's totally anal-retentive. ;)
@ArtJoker said:
" Marko Djurdjevic does my favorite match up covers "
Agreed, completely. 
Siege: Battlefield


Invincible Iron Man #500

Amazing Spider-Man

X-Men Variant Covers
#13 Edited by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Dark Huntress: First off: ;^P lol  ...Second: Those covers are awesome: too bad CV's filing system keeps us from getting thumbnails of 'em all (I don't have a computer I can put Chrome on yet, so I cannot upload my own) or I'd add 'em to the blog.  People will have to enjoy them from the comments. Thanks. :) 
Oh, and added The Walking Dead TPB covers! :)
#14 Posted by doublezeroduck (98 posts) - - Show Bio

Best blog ever. Thanks for putting them all together like this.

#15 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio

@doublezeroduck: Thanks much! It needs some additions, but I just don't have the time and constant access, like I did a couple years ago. There are some excellent ones in the comments. I love these things, but nowadays, it's hard to justify at $3.99 a pop, just to put an image together, if it's from the same issue. Crossover things, like the Titans/Outsiders at the beginning, is easier to get behind.

#16 Posted by _Cain_ (23659 posts) - - Show Bio

Battle for the Cowl Works pretty well.

#17 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio

@sk666: Just got my own Internet access again, and I'm working out some kinks, but I'll check that out once I'm set up properly. Thanks. :)

#18 Posted by redleigh86 (562 posts) - - Show Bio

Those X-Men Secret Invasion covers are so very pretty. They're some of my favorites. The various X-Men books in general tend to have very pretty covers these days. So many colors, and so vibrant.

@The Dark Huntress said:

X-Men Variant Covers

I really love this too. So gorgeous!

#19 Edited by X35 (5981 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked the one you got when you put Mighty Avengers #21-23 together, ust because on the surface it looks like an amazing Avengers line-up :)

Oh and the Marko Djurdjevic are always great.

#20 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio

6/6/12 - Updated with an image from L.A.W.: Living Assault Weapons #1-6. There's plenty I have missed lately. Hopefully, I will catch up soon. :)

#21 Edited by pikahyper (12696 posts) - - Show Bio
#22 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio

@pikahyper: I was really digging that until I saw "Twilight" lol. But okay, okay, the art on it is great.

#23 Posted by pikahyper (12696 posts) - - Show Bio

@cbishop: lol had to throw that curve ball in :P It's actually pretty good, it is a tweaked version of the novels and to me at least it makes it a lot better.

#24 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio

@pikahyper: <sigh> I honestly haven't read them (and have never desired to). I fell asleep, trying to watch the first movie. Not just jumping on the bandwagon here, but "sparkles" as a reason vampires can't go in the sun is just kind of weak. Why the frick would a vampire's skin sparkle? I guess it makes as much sense as anything else, when it comes to fictitious characters, but I don't care for it.

#25 Posted by pikahyper (12696 posts) - - Show Bio

@cbishop: the movies are a guilty pleasure and I loathe Kristen Stewart and her character, so far I haven't actually read the books, don't really want to but I know eventually I'll probably break down and do it, only reason I know the manga is better is cause of comparison reviews and friends. The sparkling is pretty bad though...

#26 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio

@pikahyper: Annnnnd that's enough Twilight for this thread lol. ugh.

#27 Posted by cbishop (7430 posts) - - Show Bio

Added the Millenniumn Giants covers, and a cool Superman Red/Blue image! :)

I'll be adding some of the ones from the comments soon.