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 Human not human mutants or anything along those lines. 

1. Red Skull 
2. Ra's Al Ghul 
3. William Stryker 

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Lex Luthor.

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The Kingpin
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red skull
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Graydon Creed
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  Mr. Zsasz
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I'd roll with either Bullseye or the Red Skull.

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Nobody likes rapists 


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Ra's Al Ghul is by no means vile. He has a legitimate goal in mind, and only kills when necessary to achieve it. 
Red Skull, Graydon Creed, Mad Hatter, Joker, Stryker and Bendis are all vile human villains.

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Red Skull
Lex Luthor
Mad Hatter
William Stryker
Graydon Creed.
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Cletus Kasady

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Boss Dark Side... Nyehehehe!

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@MutenRoshi: Hah! A million points to you sir.
I definitely think the Joker counts for something here. Graydon Creed is a real piece of work as well. 
But, my main vote goes to Scarecrow. He thrives on psychological torture, and breaking the sanity of people all for amusement. Pretty vile if you ask me, and you did.
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Actually Cletus Kasady.
He was already a psychopath as a kid and tortured animals, killed his grandmother, killed the director of a school later on, a girl that didn't want to date him or something like that and all that even before becoming a serial killer and all that even gaining the Carnage-symbiote and becoming a pure evil madmen who simply kills for fun and without a plan.

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No one is more vile than the Joker !