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Poll: Most Promising New Series (Comic Book Question of the Week) (330 votes)

12 Reasons to Die 0%
100 Bullets: Brother Lono 2%
Astro City 1%
Avengers A.I. 3%
Batman '66 1%
Batman/Superman 19%
Chin Music 0%
Dexter 0%
East of West 6%
Harbinger Wars 2%
Jupiter's Legacy 2%
Kick-Ass 3 2%
Larfleeze 2%
Liberator 0%
Quantum and Woody 2%
Regular Show 0%
Satellite Sam 1%
Superior Foes of Spider-Man 3%
Superman Unchained 26%
Ten Grand 2%
Thanos Rising 1%
The Black Bat 1%
The Green Team 0%
The Movement 2%
The Owl 0%
The Wake 7%
TMNT New Animated Adventures 2%
X-Men 8%
Other (Specify below) 3%

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@the_stegman: It's hardly complaining by saying one book has the potential to be better than another

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@jonny_anonymous: But it is complaining to whine about people not giving indie books a chance, if they aren't interested, they aren't interested.

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@the_stegman: How else are good books recognised other than through word of mouth? If you find a book that's amazing yet not well known at all, indy or not, wouldn't you be telling everybody you can "hay you pepole should be reading this books, it's great"?

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@jonny_anonymous: Telling someone to try a title is all well and good, but your original post (as well as many others) is full of sarcasm and annoyance as if telling people "how dare you like Superman but not XO Manofwar??" You have to understand the question of the thread. The thread asks ''What is the most promising new series" in other words, which series are you looking foward to the most. Yes, Superman is popular, so is Jim Lee, because of that, people will be gravitating more toward it than a title they've never heard of. Personally, I picked Kick-Ass 3, why? Cause I've read Kick-Ass 1 and 2 and loved them both, thus, I have high hopes for the third installment, in other words, it's the most promising to me. I'll be honest, I haven't heard of a good number of these titles, so how can I say it's promising if I have no idea what it's about?

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@the_stegman: there was zero sarcasm in my OP, I said Batman and Superman would win and it's true they will because they are the most popular characters, the thread asks which book is the most promising, which book has the most potential and the way I see it is the books that have the writers with the most creative control and that wont get interrupted by crossovers, events and unneeded tonal shifts and have a platform where they can tell deeper more original stories have the potential to be the better books on the list provided.

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I'm a big fan of The Movement. The first two issues were a little slow, though enjoyable, but the 3rd issue has really picked up. I also enjoyed Harbinger Wars so I hope that does well also!

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Have to say Batman/Superman as the first issue was amazing and although Pak is usually good at writing, he surprised me with the first issues quality.

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@strider92: Actually, Harbinger Wars is only a 4 book run -- book 4 has yet to be released. Q&W is a lot of fun, though!